How to automatically Record Call conversation secretly without notification

We make quite a number of calls every month. Both incoming and outgoing calls.

There are times we would like to have a repeat of our phone conversation in other to buttress a claim or point.

After hanging up our call,  that’s all there’s no easy way to get our discussion again.

Only with the Telecom we can have that,  and only if there’s a serious need to get that.

However, it’s no more a problem recording phone call conversation secretly and automatically like our Telecom service provider.

These apps will work on both android and iOS smartphone


Some of these apps are automatic call recorder as they record phone calls without any notification.

Automatic Call Recorder app: This automatic phone call recorder was developed by Appliqato.

It has a free version for all and a paid version for those who’ve the small budget to get the full features of the app.

Once the call is live, the app will start recording your conversion automatically without tapping it.

You can choose specific phone numbers from your contact list that you want to record your call whenever you call or they call you.

Go to the app settings to make necessary changes to the file format of the audio file,  storage location and others.

All recorded conversation will be stored to your preferred storage and you as well backup your conversation to cloud.

Storage platforms like Google drive and Dropbox are added to save it online.

While the free app works well in saving your conversations secretly, the quality of the audio depends on your phone.

Automatic call recorder do not work with all apps and the audio quality is poor when used on some android device.

However, on the play store, the audio quality rate by users stands at 4.3 and over 8 million downloads.


Call Recorder is another app that records phone call conversations unknowingly to the user.

If you have this recorder on your phone,  most times, you might have forgotten you have such program.

You won’t be notified before it starts working as long as you’ve activated the app.

Call recorder is light and just simple to do just as you want. It’s just 3.3mb won’t take much space on your phone.

The average rating on Google Play Store is higher than the previous app with 4.0 by users.

It’s one of the best hidden call recorder for android, packed with nearly no feature other than those necessary for call recording.

Call Recorder App is a typical hidden call recording program without any other features.

It allows for saving, deleting, locking and sharing of recorded conversation and boasts of million installs.


Galaxy Call Recorder is another call tracker application. It has a size of 2.9 megabytes and compatible with Samsung galaxy iPhone 6,7 and others.

Along with the basic call recording, it comes with the ability to record calls via an headset or other enhancement kits.

Users can mark favorite records as important, attach notes and lock records for access control purposes.

Users can also call or/and send SMSs directly from the mobile app on your phone.

Galaxy Call Recorder allows for auto delete of old records and large size.

It also integrates some online storage platforms for easy synchronization to the cloud and has one to five million downloads to its name so far.


Easy Voice Recorder is also a phone call recording app and it’s  more than just a call recorder.

it’s a voice recorder which records not just calls but songs, seminars, meetings, lectures etc.

Unlike normal hidden auto call recorder which allows recordings in the traditional AMR format, easy Voice Recorder app has broadened the scope.

It offers users more options like PCM and AAC formats which are better in audio quality.

Easy Voice Recorder app features audio filters which help in improving sound quality of recordings.

You can make automatic call recording without notification even on the free version.

While for the pro version, it allows recording in stereo.

It is also an excellent spy call recorder  for android devices that appeal to a wide variety of android users with different recording features.

The size varies from device to device and has ten to fifty million installs.