How to Cut and Trim downloaded Video on Android & iPhone with Apps

Mobile devices keep dominating the market and for phone makers,  they keep improving everyday.

You can film and record quality videos on your phone but editing features to make it good like video cameras are not matching up with.

How do you now cut,  trim your downloaded or recorded videos to reduce the size or improve the quality?

To complement the features provided by android, there are video editing apps to cut your videos and remove parts that are not necessary.

One of these apps is androvid. With this app,  you can cut the middle of your videos, move it and add new part.

Androvid has good interface for easy navigation to add any feature you want.

It has a Trim command to edit only part of the video file and delete other parts you don’t want in the video.

You’re able to parse into the video and pick the interesting moments you can reproduce.

The Split Command enables you to parse and copy the middle of the video content which you can divide into two separate pieces.

You can as well capture a frame out of the video which can be used as a still picture.

AndroVid, with its inbuilt features can also convert a video file format to different file extensions.

We often find it difficult to upload or download video file formats before having these apps but now, you can easily change the file format.

You can as well shrink the file to reduce it to smaller size.

After editing your videos, some of the formats you can covert it to are MP3 3GP, MP4, WMV, MPG, MOV, FLV, AVI and VOB.

On the app, you can also customize the video by adding phrases, adverts or just notes.

Choose the tool, sort in your content and utilize your finger to figure out where on the screen it shows up.

After cutting and trimming your video, and having a well polished content, go ahead and share them on social networks like Facebook or YouTube.


Another video editing application that worths a mention here is WeVideo.

It’s easier to cut and add new content to your video on the go with. The front-end is simple for any one.

Like Androvid, you can also share the video to your Facebook and YouTube followers.

While it’s simple to use, it’s also a powerful tool to create a new video from existing video in a couple of minutes.

The app also has a truly decent desktop interface in the event that you need to accomplish more editing on the web.

Better if you’re into music or film industry and want a professional work.

You can use Wevideo free for one gigabytes (1 GB ) capacity, yet, you’re constrained to export video of five minute size every month.

However, if you go premium with just $4 every month, you will be getting thirty gigabytes (30 GB) of four hours.

You can as well go for the professional bundle which is $15 per month.

Also, you can also resize the video length by Simply sliding the bars on either side to clip off the starting or closure parts that aren’t important.


KineMaster is another video editor you can not resist if you have this app on your android phone.

With a responsive interface, it can fit quite good in any phone according to the screen size.

The app has both free version paid version. Going premium requires a token of five dollars per month.

Your productions are watermarked with the label of the app in the free version and can only remove it with the premium subscription.

With premium subscription, you also unlock the app’s advanced features for more quality video.

KineMaster is easy to use for both skilled video editors and layman

Choose any theme you like from the list, modify the appearance, choose stickers, writing style, background music and others.