How to Boost your Mobile Internet Networks

How to improve Phone internet speed

Boosting Mobile Internet Network

The objective or main idea behind boosting your phone signal, be it WiFi network, 2G, 3G, or any network is to track the current mobile signal in your premises, and increase its amplitude.

After that, you can communicate it to the premise or region which has weak (poor) or no signal.


3 Components of Internet Signal

There are three major components of a phone signal booster system which they’re all connected in one way or the other.

  • The internal Antenna
  • The external antenna
  • The signal amplifier

Even aside from mobile phone, other gadgets that use transmitters employ signal boost components.

For these components to work effectively all together, there must be a current and stable signal to get and open up.

How to improve Phone internet speed

Why do you Need Internet Network Booster?

No phone signal booster or app can make the signal itself, it can only amplify the existing signal to make it stronger and transmit wireless signal where and when available.

So, if you are not able to install an external antenna, a signal booster is the option and best alternative for you.

A perfect situation is characterized as having a strong signal for the installed external signal and the internal antenna placed in a place where the signal reception is strong or at its peak to ensure free flow transmission.

But most of the time, you don’t have a such ideal situation which is the main reason you need to be sensitive in selecting your signal booster in other to go for the best and maximize its advantage.

The quality of the cellular data connection or the wireless signal where you plan to mount the outside signal booster straightforwardly decides how extensive of a region you’re ready to cover within your home or workplace.

In a situation where you have a good outdoor signal, you’ll have the capacity to cover a range comparable in size to the promoted coverage location of the signal booster.

Should in case you have a feeble signal despite all these, it may require you to climb to a more grounded framework to acquire satisfactory coverage.

You can take a ladder and mount your antenna far from the top of houses in your area.


Understanding the strength of your Network

Knowing the interpretations of the network signal bar on your phone is additionally imperative to evaluate the strengths of the signal to mount the outdoor signal booster correctly.

While there’s no official standard for showing the number of network bars ( i mean the strokes) on any phone device, the dependable guideline still exists that every bar of a signal is approximately five to ten times the force of the past signal bar.

This is the reason it’s critical for individuals with poor signal quality, for example, maybe one or two bars, to consider a more powerful mobile phone signal booster.


Understanding the effects of the Cable that is used

To employ a signal booster, let’s talk about the mechanism and how cable, as a part of all frameworks to associate the antenna with the signal gadget.

The fact is that cables can have some flaws and will lose some signal. It all depends on the brand of the cable, its quality, and length.

For example, Ultra Low loss LMR-400 cable is stronger to standard RG6 coax cable.

Whenever possible, you should endeavor to make use of a short, high-quality cable to guarantee maximum signal from the antenna to the signal booster.

To conclude, the carrier frequency is also very important as your phone communicates with the cell towers and the signal works on different frequencies.

Shockingly, this implies unless the signal booster is made for the signal you require, it won’t support your signal.

Hence, it’s essential to comprehend the frequencies your phone product is made to use.

850 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies are the most common which made companies producing signal boosters begin to build ‘dual band” amplifiers to boost the two commonest frequencies.