How to Grow Online Store, Maximize E-Commerce Sales & Make More Money

How to maximize e-commerce sales

You can create an e-commerce website from scratch with a platform like Magento and start selling clothes, jewelry, electronic gadgets, and even animal products.

However, running a successful online store requires strategies and sound e-commerce marketing ideas that are evergreen.

At the heart of a successful eCommerce store is marketing. With strategic marketing in place, you will attract customers, increase conversions, and generate sales.

Creating honest sales copy, showing off customer footprints, and cross-selling are a few of the many ways to maximize your eCommerce sales.

Even small changes to your site can improve the customer experience and boost revenue.

Let’s look into some of the important tactics to Maximize eCommerce Sales


Invest in Paid TrafficHow to maximize e-commerce sales

For you to grow your e-commerce website and small business, increase online sales fast and make more money, you need huge traffic.

This you can’t rely on social networks, search engines and other free traffic sources alone.

Paid traffic—like most forms of marketing—requires extensive experimentation.

Instead of directing $1,000 toward a single paid traffic strategy, it’s best to choose 10 different strategies and invest about $50 in each.

Then you can use analytics to pinpoint which strategies are showing the most promise.

From there, you have solid data to lean on when choosing which strategies to increase your spending on.


Build a Robust Site

If you’ve read some guides on steps to take to open an online store, the first point of focus is the user experience of your visitors or potential clients.

Even if you learn and apply all the tricks to drive traffic to your online store and the store has unlimited products, without a robust site that’s easy to navigate and inviting, the bounce rate would be high.

Poor websites bring in poor sales. Every page on your site must provide a clean and easy user experience.

If a page is difficult to navigate, a customer might exit your site and buy from another.

You can use a platform like Magento to build a robust site that features unique call-to-actions and optimal checkout experiences.

When learning how to use Magento, always review the compatible plug-ins to ensure you can build a robust site for customers.

Take advantage of compatible plug-ins to further optimize the user experience.

For example, use a plug-in that allows you to showcase relevant products on the right side of the page when a customer is looking at a specific product.

This strategic form of cross-selling can maximize your eCommerce sales.


Create Honest Content

You’ve heard that content is king. Writing appealing content can make your online store and poor content can mar it.

However, your content shouldn’t have elements of suspicion. Make transparency and honesty a central focus of your sales copy.

Don’t make claims you can’t follow through on, and don’t try to be something you’re not.

If you’re operating a two-man eCommerce company, don’t write copy that makes you sound like a multinational enterprise brand.

Consumers enjoy buying from smaller companies because of the individualized customer service they can expect.

Being honest in your copy encourages trust and builds a positive brand image.


Encourage Feedback and Display Customer Footprints

Buyers often use their external conscience when making purchasing decisions.

Let’s say Billy is choosing between Product A and Product B but has a preference for Product B.

After searching for reviews, he finds only three reviews for Product B and 53 for Product A.

Using his external conscience, he opts for Product A because of its numerous reviews.

To appeal to a customer’s external conscience, you must show off your customer footprints.

Encourage previous patrons to leave reviews and feedback.

After a customer makes a purchase, send an email survey to gather feedback.

Post the feedback and reviews on your site and social media to display your customer footprints.

It’s also smart to have a review section under each product so customers can leave feedback directly on your site and new customers can easily find that information while shopping.

Superior customer service, a robust site, and building a strong reputation are the best ways to build a successful eCommerce store and maximize sales.