Benefits of mobile Patrol Security Services to your Business

Unfortunately, in this modern age, most businesses will be affected with criminal activity at some point.

Most especially businesses that hold a large volume of stock or has valuable machinery and equipment.

Therefore, it is important to put adequate security solutions in place to prevent such events from happening.

Mobile patrols can often be an ideal solution when looking to up your current security set up.

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable security solution, you might want to consider all the benefits of mobile security patrols.


Acts as a Deterrent

Uniformed guards patrolling your business or premises provide an instant deterrent to most unwanted visitors.

Patrolling guards show that your business take security seriously as uniformed guards are often an additional layer of security on top of an already substantial security solution set in place.


Immediate Response

Patrol security is one of the best security solutions as it provides immediate response if and when something does happen.

There is no waiting for the police to reach your property or even worse waiting until somebody reports to offence, guards can take immediate action.

Guards on site will be able to reach the location of the intrusion in no time at all and take up the appropriate action as and when required.



A mobile patrol security service might seem to be an expensive outlay for your business but it can often save a lot of money and hassle from potential intruders.

Let’s face it, you can’t put a price on keeping your staff and property safe.

Property and people are the most important assets in any organisation and protecting them must be at the forefront of any security measures undertaken.


Complete Protection

The role of mobile patrol guards is not only to catch criminals in action but also to stop crime from happening.

Mobile patrol security guard service ensures that crime does not occur in the area where they are patrolling.

The criminals would not attempt to commit a crime as they know that it would be impossible to escape and that they will surely get caught.


What checks are carried out?

Apart from being a visible deterrent and providing quick action, they also investigate minute details.

Depending on customer requirements mobile patrol offices can cover a wide variety of tasks.

As a rule of thumb the main task is to ensure the premises are totally secure and there are no breaches of security.

However, some officers may be asked to do tasks such as saving electricity by switching off lights, making sure that desks are left clear, that meeting rooms have been prepared, and reporting any potential hazards and defects in order to maintain health and safety standards.

It isn’t just businesses or event organisers that benefit from hiring mobile patrol security.

In addition, home owners who are away on holiday or business for any longer periods of time may want to call upon the services of a mobile security company who will take on private property inspections.



This article was written by Becky Nisbet on behalf of Admiral Security