How you can get Free Bitcoins without Mining & Manage your Own Wallet

How do you get free bitcoin without mining and be able to manage your own wallet.

There are several ways to earn free bitcoin online,  through surveys, visiting websites, downloading apps and others

However, Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet is one of the best bitcoin wallet apps developed by Mycelium developers.

From other bitcoin wallet reviews we were able to gather, it’s a good one to download for your bitcoin mining.

Mycelium bitcoin wallet enables you to swiftly trade bitcoins with other bitcoin miners, and trade from trezor.

You’ll be able to secure your bitcoin with your mobile phone with private lock keys known only to you.

This makes the platform  secure because  you’ve full control over the security keys.

Even though you don’t lose your private keys, you’re always advised to backup your private keys or link to the super nodes via .onion address.

Also, you can import single, xpriv and master seed paper wallet’s private keys to enhance security with integration with cold-storage.

You don’t need to download any blockchain, just install it from the app without taking much time and begin to manage your bitcoin account.

You can also manage more than one account, connect to the bitcoin network with fast connection, share bitcoin address on social Media directly from the app and get all the past transaction details from its log.


Bitcoin Billionaire is a bitcoin wallet game app developed by Noodlecake Studios Incorporated.

Just as the name portrayed, the app enables anyone to earn bitcoins just for engaging in some activities and a completed task, you get some bitcoins into your wallet.

Bitcoin billionaire is just a game app that teaches you how to run business and get rewarded for your endurance and energy.

You don’t get real bitcoins to make you a billionaire but virtual bitcoins you can accumulate and invest to multiply your wealth.

You just have to develop good tapping skills to keep on earning.

Getting to a reasonable earning point, you can begin to unlock new and advanced tasks and break new level of achievement.

To me, it’s not about grinding you in bitcoin mining business but generally helping you to develop the attitude of establishing business and growing it.

It’s a really nice concept in gaming and the app has attracted over 3,000,000 installs from Google play store.

Some other things you can do with bitcoin billionaire app are..

  • Getting bonuses
  • Travel when you have virtual bitcoin wealth
  • Upgrading your investment in order to earn while away or offline.

To download this bitcoin app, you need at least android 4.0.


Capo Bitcoin & Vault Wallet is a real bitcoin wallet app developed by XAPO Ltd. XAPO is a financial service company.

This free bitcoin wallet app serves as bitcoin management app which takes of your sending and receiving bitcoins from people in a safe and secure way.

It enables you to check realtime bitcoin price to keep updated before transacting bitcoin with people.

Barcode is used in sending bitcoins, and synchronizes your transactions

It’s able to provide first class security mechanism just like the ones you enjoy with your bank without any hidden charges.

This is actually a nice website to get free bitcoin. You can also earn free bitcoins from xapo just for supporting the app by sharing their bitcoin services on social media.

Or you buy bitcoins from xapo directly from the app. Download this app and start earning free bitcoin.