How to build Professional Website in 2020, Drive Traffic & Sales

how to build websites like professional in 2020

Building a website is a great way to share information, products, or even services with a targeted audience that is most relevant to you.

With a website, you provide your followers with a platform to keep in touch with you and the latest updates you want to share.

Also, you can generate sales, build a sense of community, and create a following from around the world with a well-designed website.

In 2019, there are a few website designs and website development tips to keep in mind before launching any site you have in mind live.

Unique and Memorable Website Design
Work together with a graphic or web designer to choose typography that best represents your brand or the purpose of your website.

A professional website designer specializes in keeping up with modern trends and proper design techniques.

He also provides clients with unique website design solutions that are truly reflective of their brand or business.

Consider the aesthetic you want to use with your website design and the audience or demographics you intend to reach.

How do your prospective visitors or customers typically access their favorite products or find information that is relevant to you?

What brands or businesses are similar to yours and how are they presented online with their own website design?

how to build websites like professional in 2020

  • Why Responsive/Mobile-Friendly Website Design Matters

Responsive site design and development is imperative for any new website today.

With the advent of mobile smartphones and tablet devices, it is essential to build a website with all audiences in mind.

When a user attempts to access a site that does not have responsive and mobile-friendly website development implemented, they may be unable to view or browse the site properly

This usually results in a loss of a potential sale or follower.

Responsive design and mobile-friendly website design readjust automatically for each user depending on the exact tablet device or mobile smartphone screen size that is being used to browse online.

Additionally, responsive website development is also useful to ensure all users who are surfing online with different web browsers have the ability to access and navigate your website design with ease.


  • SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessary element involved in proper website development and website design.

Optimizing website design for top search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, and Bing, can drastically increase the number of visitors your site receives each day.

Proper SEO, or search engine optimization, is imperative when you want your website to outshine local companies or if you are entering a highly competitive and saturated market.


  • WordPress/CMS Website Development Solutions

One way to improve your website design is to consider utilizing a content management system(CMS).

One of the most popular CMS solutions includes WordPress, which is completely free of charge.

Using a CMS such as WordPress is simplistic and optimal for those who are unfamiliar with website development or programming themselves.

Some of the most notable features and advantages of using a CMS solution such as WordPress include:

Free: WordPress is free for both personal and commercial use.

Plugins: WordPress offers thousands of both free and paid plugins to create a truly memorable and unique experience for your online visitors.

Themes: Thousands of themes are available free of charge with the installation of WordPress.

Additionally, there are also premium themes available for purchase. Edit your website to create any design you have in mind with WordPress.

Easy-to-Use: WordPress includes an easily accessible admin area that is ideal for those who are unfamiliar with programming or web development but want to update their website without the help of a specialist.


  • Social Media Plugins

Always use social media plugins designed for traditional websites and websites that are using a CMS solution.

Social media plugins incentivize users to share content or updates you post on your website with just a click of a button.

Allowing users to share your website’s products, pages, or blog posts is a great way to optimize your website while also spreading the word of your site and brand altogether.

The more exposure your website receives, the easier it is for users to find you when searching for relevant keywords and phrases.


  • Website Development with AI Chatbots

AI chatbots are becoming increasingly popular with independent entrepreneurs and large businesses alike.

Implementing an AI chatbot into your website or with a social media platform such as Facebook is a great way to gain valuable feedback and insight into the wants and needs of your followers and prospective customers.

Use AI chatbots to walk potential shoppers through the checkout process of your website or to inquire about feedback for future products and services.


  • The Importance of Speed and Performance With Website Development

While you are in the process of building your new website design, it is important to keep the overall speed and performance of your site in mind at all times.

Seek a web host that includes speed-boosting features or that offers WordPress hosting (if you choose to use a CMS solution for your website).

Not all web hosts provide the same servers and results, which is why it is highly advisable to read reviews and testimonials on various web hosting companies you are interested in using before making a decision.

A fast-loading website can ultimately help to keep visitors on our website while also reducing your website’s overall bounce rate.

With a slow-loading website, you run the risk of your site timing out or failing to load at all, leading to a higher bounce rate and turning users away from visiting your website again in the future.

Understanding the importance of proper website design and website development is key to building an online presence that has the ability to thrive and scale.

With the right approach to website design, you will reach your intended audience without missing an opportunity to garner a following while generating sales and income.

Whether you are launching a website to showcase your personal work portfolio or if you plan to create an eCommerce storefront, proper website design and website development go a long way.