Top Reasons Children Monitoring Apps can not be Avoided by Parents

parental control applications to track children

Children nowadays spend most of their leisure time on their smartphones rather than engaging in outdoor recreational activities. They are used to playing online games and watching videos on YouTube for a longer period.


Moreover, they remain highly active on social sites and also involve themselves in more chatting and surfing on the internet. Due to this, parents are becoming more concerned about their children activities online and the impacts on health, education and morals.


To take the full responsibility of what your children are exposed to as parents, parental control apps are a way that helps parents to monitor their children activities online.

There are several free and paid parental control applications that are downloadable on android, ipad or iPhone.


There’s no doubt that videogames can help the brain in a positive way but can as well have negative health effects, some can adversely affect the children’s education when they become addicted to playing such games. Therefore, it’s important you consider monitoring software.


Some reasons to consider parental control applications for your kids are discussed below:




 For Security

Parental monitoring softwares guide against children exposure to pornographic contents. It has been observed that a large number of children get exposed to nude pictures, porn videos and others through advertising as against their wish.

Therefore, parents must ensure that their children don’t find any sexual or illicit content by using the children watch apps. This allows parents to make content filtrations or even to block the sites that they find bad for their children’s mental health.


To help managing time effectively

Children don’t usually mind wasting their time and energy on social media and the internet since they find pleasure in it and they have less responsibilities on their upkeep and success. It is the duty of every parent to assist their children regarding their time management.


Parental control apps give the parent the power to limit their children from using the internet excessively.

With parental watch applications, you can set the screen active time and the gadget will shut down if it exceeds the limited time. Also, if you want to switch off the gadget instantly, you can do it with your phone.

Time management is the basic skill that every parent should inculcate in their children for their better future.


Addiction to the Internet

Children are increasingly becoming addicted to the internet and is becoming a major issue these days. They spend a lot of their time playing online games, visiting social sites and using apps without even realizing how much they’re wasting their time and energy on it.

To help correcting this. Parental control app-family orbit is one of such apps that parents used in controlling this addiction since the app can help in time management by limiting the time the kids spend on their phones.

parental control applications to track children

To prevent Cyber-bullying and attack

Smartphone in the hand of children could be the most powerful device in getting connected to the world, especially with more social sites all over the internet.

However, as social sites are increasing and information are spread faster, Cyberbullying is one of the cons and it’s now a very serious issue as children e-meet different characters.

Children seeing people being harassed on forums and social network could make them to imitate such behavior. Parental control apps allow parents to block the sites or media channels that can be harmful to their children.

The issue of cyber-bullying and digital tormenting can be resolved with the help of such apps and web programs.


For  Multiple device control

It’s usual to have many smartphones and laptops for the whole of your children and family. That can make it difficult for the parents to monitor what is happening on each of the gadgets at the same time.

These apps allow them to monitor and check the sites and programmes that are running on each gadget. Therefore, it can give parents a multiple device control options where they can make settings on each gadget accordingly.

children monitoring software

Preventing too much gaming

Addiction to playing games is a threat to outstanding performance in school, reading and learning culture. Nowadays, gaming sites are created in a manner that children easily get obsessed or addictive to it.

They are purposefully planned in such an obsessive way that can prove to be really harmful to the kids’ health. There are contests and points are usually awarded and finally, winners are giving badges and other rewards which trigger the children in becoming the best contestant or player.


The kids highly get engaged with the virtual world and it affects their teenage life to a great extent. Here, parental control apps can prove to be a great help to resolve this problem.

If you observe that your children are getting more inclined towards this gaming world, you set the game limits or can schedule the play session for your kid.

On a final note, these are some of the reasons you should consider downloading and installing children monitoring apps to help the young ones achieving great success.