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How to get popular greek baby names using online app

Greece is one of the oldest nations and there are many of elements of history associated with this great nation.

If you’d like to use Greek name for any purpose and you want to generate fake names, know what your English name is in Greek, you want names that sound like Greek or you want to create fictional Greek gods and goddesses.

If you want Greek baby’s names for both female and male, learn about the Greek mythology, creation myths, their culture, language, artistic works, etc, the following tools are developed to perform the tasks

fakenametool is a Greek profile generator that will generate a male or female Greek name, the family and the last name, the city name where the person lives, the fake address, fake phone number, fake random username and password, random fake credit card details when you visit the site or choose a gender and the country such as Greece.


Donjon is a special tool among fantasy names generator we’ve reviewed.

There are different types of unique names it can generate. Just select from the list, such as common names, monstrous names, names from the ancient world, medieval Europe, Asia, and the far east, Africa, and the new world.

After that, you select the nature of the names, whether normal good names or spirit names.

Some of the categories are human male and female names, Dwarvish names, Elvish names, and Halfling names which you can select and generate 10 corresponding names.


Scriboly is the ideal tool to create your own Greek god. It’s a divine name generator that randomly generates names that are similar to and sound like Greek names. It simulates the names of Greek gods, goddesses, and their deities to create a perfect fictional god.


worldnamegenerator Ancient Greek Name Generator is super easy to get ancient names in Greece as it randomly creates real greek names for both males and females and displays upon visit.

You can also generate another list of 15 names with a mix of men and women’s names.

We observe here that boy’s names are more than a girl’s names in their database.


However, you can select your preferences, especially gender status, and generate names according to your settings.

The developer claimed they have over 1,500 male names and over 500 female names you’d like to use.

Just like in Japan names, Greeks uses a patronymic style of naming in the ancient time where a family name and patronymic is only used.

ides and ion are common suffixes that are added to their names or married women bear the names of their husbands upon marriage.

While you can not generate full Greek names on this site, you can still create about the 50 names that have surnames or family names, first name, and given names such as first and middle and last names from different nationalities.

How to get popular greek	 baby names using online app

Greece101 is one of the most resourceful sites for getting to know about Greek culture.

It’s awesome generating Greek mythology names, female and male names, unique baby girl’s and baby boy’s names by just ticking the box to select the preferred gender or tick unisex and generate a new baby name.

There’s a list of Greek names you can find on the site, starting from alphabet A in which each Greek name translated to the Greek language.

The meanings of the names are listed in written form and the origins such as names from Ancient Greek, Greek mythology names, Hebrew origin, Scandinavian origin, Persian origin, and Modern origin.

For example:

  • Hilarion in Greek is Ιλαρίων, it means happy and it’s from ancient Greek origin
  • Giannis in greek is Γιάννης, it means God’s favored and it’s from the Hebrew origin
  • Floros in greek is Φλώρος, it means Flower and from Latin origin

A similar one to Greece101 is which you can also use to create fake Greek names. It does not generate real names but the ones you can use for fun.

It generates a maximum of 20 names that sound like a Greek name at a time and some other tools are Extreme Fantasy Names generator, Character generator, and Weird Name Generators.

You can as well write your family name of you’re a Greek to get to know more about the name Genealogy.

Add your mother’s maiden, your grandmother’s maiden name, or your dad’s mum’s maiden name to their record and for each family, name people search.

A point is recorded for such name which they show to others how popular the name is that people want to know about it.

When we searched the history of Augustus origin, we got information that the surname was an ancient name that means dignity, benevolence, and command much respect and the Christian name means ‘widespread’, The name is not commonly used again compared to the 7th century.

Some of the notable people that were also christened later in 17 century are Richard Augustus on 25/04/1733, William Augustus on 22/05/1726, and John Augustus on 15/12/1739.

They’ve been able to pull so much information about Greek culture and added to their database.

As a registered member, you can leave a message for people with the same surname as yours ( commonly called Tribe), find them and connect, ask more questions about your ancestral name or give more knowledge about it, including your own immediate family.

You can as well learn thousands of regional Greek dances, regions. Islands, mountains, Greek arts, language and culture, history, literature, myths, and legends, etc.

There are basic information on Greek mythology names, Greek god and goddesses such as Zeus, the supreme god of the Olympian gods who control the sky, rains, and thunder.

Ares, the god of war and a child of Zeus and Hera while Hera is also the goddess of the marriage union, and childbearing. Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war and she’s one of the most popular goddesses in Greece.

Learn about other Greek male and female gods such as Hermes, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Artemis, Hades, Apollo, and female warriors.