French Name Generators for Male & Female

Male and Female French names

French names always have unique pronunciations even when they’re looking like English names.

Some antecedents always come before their names which serve as what we can refer to as titles in English names.

Back in elementary schools, we normally use Monsieur before mentioning the male teacher’s name, Madame for elder female and Mademoiselle for unmarried women.

We always enjoy this although this may be more used in verbal communication than written.

However, an average non-french speaker will hardly pronounce French names well and for those who’re interested in learning about French names or using them, there is a names generator to get both real and fake French names, ancient French names, and others.


Some French noble names are the following:

Marie Brûlart, Charles Honoré d’Albert, duc de Luynes, Prince Carl Oscar, Duke of Södermanland, Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland, Jacqueline de la Roche, John I de la Roche, Marie de Rohan, Georges, marquis d’Harcourt, Anne Geneviève de Lévis, Louis Charles de Lévis, House of Valois-Alençon, House of Valois-Anjou

Male and Female French names

Worldnamegenerator:  has featured in some of our reviews of naming tools and it’s one of the sites to get all sorts of names. It’s easy to use to generate French names.

French people usually have two or more names, the given name which is also their first name is used in identifying a French person, the surname, and other names.

The French name generator doesn’t just create fake names that look like French in written form or convert some English names to French but have hundreds of thousands of real, unique, and cool French names for boys and girls in their database.

The tool can randomly generate 15 French names once you visit the site, a mix of common, popular, traditional French names for male and female and you can select to get only male or female names, select the quantity of the names to generate at a time.

Even when the names are generated randomly, you still have the gender of each name placed beside it to ensure you’re getting the right name for either man or woman.

World name generator French version can pop up to 50 French surname and first name together and the author boast of having over 350k French names, with more French first names than surnames.


Ninjaname: is another good tool to get French names. Select the number of names you want to generate, the gender, and click the generate button to have the names (surname and given name only, although the middle name is not used in French societies).

Some of these French names you can use are:

Filibert Durand, Raimond Arceneau, Anatole Gautier Fortin, Thierri Tessier, Gosse Benoit, Ange Gauthier, Grosvenor Lévesque, Hrodger Depaul, Jérôme Jean-baptiste Bédard, Auguste Pelletier, Ignace Luc Moreau, Paschal Hébert, Aillard Bernard, Marceau Fortier, Adnot Bonnet, Georges Richard


Rumandmonkey: on the other hand is a basic random French name generator that allows designed to be in form of English name to French name translation tool but it creates French full names once you click the ‘generate button

Getting many names here is not guaranteed, at least for French names, not for other tribal or ethnic groups.

It generates medieval French names and you can as well get some popular French names like Archambault, Hugo, Jules, etc, and some ridiculous French names too.


Lastnamegenerator only creates last names. If you’re looking for common French last names, you can get cool last names for both girls and boys and unisex names in langue français. 

If you only want the last name that’s beginning with a specific character, for example, a French last name starting with A, B, D, L, etc, you can only get it upon trials as there are no such variables to select and get such names easily.

This is an area the publisher of the tool is supposed to look into since the generator only deals with last names.


Serendipity is another random French Male Name Generator that you don’t have to enter anything, just click to generate and if you want to find names for another gender, you simply follow the link for that gender since the gender variable has a unique URL assigned for male and female names.


Fantasynamegenerators: Looking for a French aristocratic names generator to get names of noble people that have a royal background, you can get those traditional French names as well as modern ones from this site.

Each time you visit the site, you get 10 random French full names, ideally two names including the surnames and the first names without specification either each of the names is for a boy or a girl but you can select to generate ‘cute’ French boys names and also ‘pretty girls names.

Traditional French names have evolved into some other names in some of the French colonies in Europe and other parts of Africa there are some lapses in differentiating these differences in old French names and modern French names using most of these tools bit you can still get decent names and what you want if you know it.

Some of the names we got are the following

Hippolyte Carré, Davy Cartier, Roger Kléber, Jean-Claude Pinchon, Tobie Pelletier, Antoine Maret, Nicolas Abadie, Élisée Boissieu, Paulin Raoult, Alain Chappelle, Godefroy Dumont, Rémi Saint-Yves, Jean-François Rodier, Gaëtan Pichard, Jean-Noël Morel, Colin Dieudonné, Adrien Vaugeois, Thibault Rémy, Vivien Tremblay, Henry Laffitte


Namesgenerator: is a typical French random name generator that creates 10 French names. Some nobility surnames are also seen when reviewed and some of the common and popular names we got are Henri Guillebaud

Vincent Andrieux, Régis Gallardo, Thierry Rousson, Franois Ayache, Patrick Sage, Laurent Brault, Franois Georges, Genevive Boulay, Christiane Willemin.


Similar to this site is which also works just in the same way as a names generator.

You select male or female, the number of names, and hit the go button. However, the only advantage here is the quality of the names and more capacity to display over 200 French names at a time on your webpage.

These are not fake names so to say as we found many real people bearing the exact surname and first name gotten on the sites when searched and while you can get both women and men names, you’re advised to be careful with how you use the names to avoid anything illegal, especially online since another person’s identity may be at stake.


Fakenametool: on the other hand is a fake French identity generator. It’s not limited to names but a complete profile of someone in France.

To use it, select whether you want a French profile for male or female name or either of the two and select the French republic and then generate.

Examples of what the fake profile includes are names, addresses, phone no, emails, usernames and passwords, payment details like fake credit card Numbers, CV2, Swift Card numbers, business details, and your browser’s data.


Benjamin Letellier

208, chemin de Blondel 13272 Valletdan

Phone: +33 (0)5 34 79 44 19

Birthday: 1976-08-27


Username: bodin.adrien

Password: o-+,/v\|

GPS: -63.127921 – -127.66655


Credit Card Type: American Express

Credit Card Number: 5583759985658009

Credit Card Expiration Date: 05/19

Credit Card CV2: 454


Company: Ferreira S.A.

Job Title: animi


Favorite color: MediumOrchid

Blood Type: AB

UUID: b6cf3900-1960-3ba2-8dfe-693682853da0

Ip Address:

IpV6 Address: 86aa:fbc0:3400:a390:9492:e2e2:c70f:5cab

MAC Address: 13:BA:8E:B9:6A:58

User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 11.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/5.0)


Family education: is a resource page to get helpful lists of French baby names for boys and girls, divided into categories for easy search.

The baby names are paginated according to the character that the name begins with and there are other parent categories like names & their meaning in another language.

You can get top 100 names for boys and also for girls, celebrity names, names starting from A to Z, Baby first and last names by their origin, and baby names lists.

France101   is another resource site owned by MyTribe101 Ltd., an Ireland-based company that has developed tens of names generators for different country names and other purposes.

Just like other tools, it generates real french baby names when you select the gender. As an option, you can enter your family name and get first names to go with it. Alternatively, you browse baby names from their lists

The baby names are neatly listed, starting from names that begin with A to Z and the meaning of each baby name is also given. This is a two-one function


Some of the names are below with their respective meaning in a bracket

Karlis (Strong, Manly), Jonnie (God is merciful), Mailhairer (Ill-fated), Marcello (God of war, Henry (Rules the home), Herbert (Famous warrior), Gautier (Powerful ruler), Geffrey (Peaceful), Jean-Paul (God has been gracious, humble, small), Jeanina (Gracious, Merciful, God is gracious), Lennard (Brave as a Lion), Mahieu (Gift of God), Jules (Youthful), Herman (Of the army), Joyanna (Rejoicing)