Professional Photo Editing like Photoshop Pro Online

Snapseed photo editing application is one of the oldest apps for editing photos and the quality of the app has not diminished.

It was first developed to be used on a computer and later, it went mobile with the versions of the app available for android, iPhone and iPad users.

It has been known for professional editing as you can edit your picture with several digital painting tools with just the tap of your finger on your smartphone.

Some of the features that qualify snapseed as one of the best are the following

  • It has categories of effects you can add to your photo,
  • Filters to give a descriptive look to your photo,
  • Ability to crop, resize, rotate your photo to any degree,
  • Straighten your photo, increase the light intensity and colour intensity which gives your image a nice tuning effect.

You can also make an adjustment to the contrast and brightness of the photo and add shadows just like your 3D effects in Corel Draw.

All you need do is to choose the category of the effect you want to add and once your photo is expanded, tap and drag your fingertip on the screen to select the feature you want to add to the photo.

One thing that makes this app to be on this list is that it provides great features and it’s free; only that it does not support old android versions like Android 2.0 or 3.0.

That should not be a problem because such versions are not really used again.

The app boast of over 20,000,000 installs as at the time writing this post, that’s a high number that has shown the usefulness and cost-effectiveness of this app.

These people using this app can’t all go wrong, why don’t you check it out. download here


Adobe photoshop touch

Adobe is a popular brand known for developing utility applications.

They started from developing apps for desktop computers and they’ve developed many android AMD iPhone apps that are well embraced in the smartphone app market.

It was not long after they developed Photoshop Express when they hit the market with Photoshop Touch.

Photoshop Touch brings large portions of the desktop’s applications’ most valuable components to a more moderate, simple-to-learn interface on the iPad.

It’s no CS6, however Photoshop Touch backings such desktop staples as layers, the paintbrush, the wand apparatus, clone stamp, content, etc.

That is all notwithstanding standard stuff like immersion, brilliance/contrast, shading parity etc

Acknowledging that you are so unrealistic to hold up your iPad to take photographs like a blockhead.

Adobe went past the gadget’s nearby Camera Roll and incorporated Photoshop Touch with Google image search, Facebook and its own Inventive Cloud.


Aviary app
The aviary photo app is an application developed by Aviary with a simple to use interface built to cater for your photo rebranding.

It’s simple and takes no time to edit a photo and come out with a professionally designed image.

It has great filters, frames, very creative stickers and tools.

There are over one hundred filters you can use free to create a stylish photo and you can as well pay a token for advanced filters.

You can add texts, make drawings or even create your memes and also replace photo color with a splash.

Aviary is designed with outstanding features you can not just resist,

Just with a tap of the fingertip, you can crop your photo, rotate it to any degree, straighten it, adjust the brightness, contrast, colour, highlights and add shadow effects.

You can as well adjust the colour saturation, warmth, fade and even tint your photo.

When you’re fully done with your editing, you’re equipped with embedded share buttons that enable you to share your stylish photo on popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to showcase what you’ve got to show to friends and the world.

One of the things that enthused me to include this app is that you can do almost everything with drag-and-drop.

They’re improving every day by adding new features and its upgrade is made easy and the edited photo comes out with a higher resolution.