Free music download for offline listening on Smartphone

Apps to stream music while offline

Music is a language that everybody understands, Your voice is a pride and that’s the reason you make voice recordings either of songs or just speech.

To communicate better with your voice/music records, you need music and voice editing applications.

While you can download songs free from Tubidy sites and apps, these apps will fine-tune your recordings, edit a loved voice recording from other artists, or produce well-balanced and professional music work.

The following apps will accomplish tasks like a pro.



Zeoring: is a free audio music editing app developed by ZEOXY in the United Kingdom.

This app is good for adding custom music ringtones to your specified call-line contact number or/and setting it as the default ringtone, editing ringtones to give a desired tone and music rhythm with the colorful and easy-to-use app interface.

It is easy to navigate through the app, set an alarm, set a custom ringtone for the alarm and notification, etc.

With all the features of the Zeoring app, it’s ad-free and can edit audio files in AMR, AAC, WAV, and MP3 formats.

It can organize them inappropriate directory, sort your files in different labels like the title of the files, size of the file, and date artist name and enable you to search audio files easily and also share them with others.

One thing about the app is that it is updated regularly which shows the developer is so much in fixing bugs and improving the applications.

Zeoring supports the android operating system with version 2.3 and above. It’s expected in the nearest future to see this app’s compatibility with other operating systems.

Apps to stream music while offline


Wavepad audio/music editing application has been in the game for a long time and it’s no doubt one of the best music editing apps with a fully customizable interface.

It is well known for its fine layout, and compatibility with Android, iPhone, iPod, and computer systems.

You can add different forms of effects while editing your audio recordings and share your works with others.

It can also erase background noise to enhance audio quality, import sounds from other files which support file formats such as AAC, AU, FLAC, MP3, MP4, MOV, MPG, DIVX, DV, AIFF, and WAVE.

WavePad has a copy, paste, and cut features; not only that, it has to undo and redo features which makes it easy to correct your mistakes without starting all over again.

It automates the process of converting audio files by making bulk conversion of different file formats to one single format and several other automation processes like, adding delay, reverse distortion, reverb, auto-trim, equalizer, fade-in, and fade-out.



This app is more of a music editing app than just an ordinary audio recording application.

It serves as a tad editor that can arrange your songs in order, fix split problems, and edit the song’s components and effects to make an entirely new album with an automated process.

It is simple to use despite having lots of features that professionals in the music industry would love to appreciate to make a better song mix.

It supports different music file formats like the other applications mentioned above; MP4, MP3, FLAC, M4a, OGG VORBIS, and WMA with a promise of more improvement to the app by the developer in the nearest future.

This app is lightweight, with about just 6MB in size, and requires an android version 2.2 or above to enable this app to run smoothly and function optimally.

With its free version, the developer tends to make money from an advertisement placed on it while the premium version is ad-free and costs a token to purchase from the app store.

One of the outstanding features of this wonderful app is the “Google image search” feature, which enables you to search and choose your desired art from the search result.

Once you make changes to your songs, it becomes permanent even if it’s transferred to another phone device.

Most of its features are drag-and-drop and it has over 50,000 downloads from Google Play Store at this moment.