The Importance of Visitor Management & Benefits of Using Booking Software for Table Reservations

Reservation services

Making a reservation is the key to a stress-free night with your friends and family. Knowing that you have booked your table way in advance can allow you to focus on the good times you’re about to have.

However, there have been times when reservations get mixed up. Confusion and frustration occur when the table you wanted to book is no longer available, as it has been booked by someone else.

Potential service user can search for other restaurants immediately with their restaurant finder apps on their phones.

Fortunately, there are solutions to keeping your reservation system ahead of the game to avoid incidents such as these.


Hotels have been utilizing guest management systems as of late, and the results have helped managers stay on top of the bookings that are being made.

This allows for a streamlined reservation process that ensures guests will be satisfied, and that your staff is well prepared for upcoming reservations.

Reservation services

Not only do guest management systems provide a better reservation system, but they also improve workflow throughout your restaurant.

Here are some of the many benefits you will gain from using a guest management system at your dining establishment.


Mobile Convenience


Almost every person you know owns a smartphone. Apps have allowed us to use programs on the fly to improve our quality of life.

One major benefit of guest management systems is that they are mobile friendly.

Customers can connect via their mobile device, and check to see which reservations are available ahead of time with your restaurant reservation app

This eliminates the need to call the restaurant to see what is available and allows a customer to check for available reservations any time they want.


Reduce No-Shows


People will oftentimes book reservations weeks in advance, and forget about them on the day of. This leads to a startling number of no-shows, which can hurt a restaurant’s overall sales.

The average no-show rate for a restaurant is 20%, which is a startling number for almost any dining establishment.

Fortunately, guest management systems can send out internet and off-internet text messages that remind a customer their reservation date is nearing.


Syncing Front of The House with The Back


Guest management systems allow you to keep track of a table’s progress via indicators on the application. For example, a table that has already eaten their entrée could be marked a certain color, indicating that they will be leaving soon.

This allows servers and managers to track the progress of tables, and give approximate wait times for walk-ins who have to wait. This will improve your table turn ratio, and allow a streamlined process inside your restaurant on a busy night.


Utilizing Technology in Your Restaurant

Managing customers orders

We must take advantage of new technology as it improves over time. This will allow us to stay ahead in our businesses, and provide the best customer service experience we possibly can.

Guest management systems are a fantastic way to improve the workflow of your restaurant. What’s more is that there is always full-service tech that is available for you to utilize, as well as future upgrades that will improve functionality in the future.


Reducing financial loss and improving your dining experience should be the goal of any restaurant. Use the newest guest management systems today to take your restaurant to the next level and increase sales.





David Brown is often called a ‘foodie’ by friends and family loves the restaurant industry and fuses that passion with bleeding edge tech to align start-ups to well-established restaurants with the information they need to succeed.