Top 5 Responsive WordPress Themes For Your ECommerce Site

It can be said that your eCommerce shop is only as good as the theme you apply to it. The website’s theme determines not only how good your site will look, but it also has a considerable influence on the functionality and features of your site. So, it is important to pick your theme carefully.


If you’re using WordPress for your eCommerce site, there are plenty free and premium responsive WordPress themes you can download to power your supermarket based site where your products can be well showcased and make navigation and shopping very easy.


Here are the 5 best WordPress themes for your eCommerce site (in no particular order):


1. Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper has long been one of the more popular WordPress themes for grocery store. What makes it stand out from others is its large and beautiful landing page, which provides a full-screen image to anyone who visits your site.


Shopkeeper theme also comes with lots of pre-built page layouts and extensive product pages. What’s more, the theme provides a consistent user experience throughout your site and built with SEO in mind.


There are several shopkeeper child themes to use and easy to install. If you need more tutorials on how to use it, you can use their help center to get more articles written on any subject and as well join the discussion.


2. Hugo

Those looking to build a high-end market based site should consider using the Hugo theme as it will give you this feel right out of the box. Not only does the Hugo theme have a truly unique layout that will get you noticed, but it also incredibly easy to use.


You simply drag and drop customized widgets onto it without needing to do any programming at all. It also has built-in SEO optimization, which can help your site rank higher on Google and at other search engines.


Hugo themes can be used for any type of shopping site as long as you understand what you want. From minimal to medium themes, universal and portfolio themes



3. Bazar Shop

If you would like to add the look and feel of Amazon to your own site, Bazar Shop is a good theme to select. bazar shop wordpress theme is free to download but higher version comes with price.


Bazar shop 3.2 0 multi purpose e commerce theme has everything you need to make your shop as good as theirs. Included in this theme are 2 custom checkout pages, a zoom effect, a catalog mode and a popup plugin.


The theme is further very versatile. It comes with nearly unlimited layout options, and it allows you to easily move widgets around. Finally, it includes 6-months of extensive developer support, and you can add more if you need it.



4. Flatsome

Flatsome is a multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce theme and it’s one of the best selling WordPress eCommerce themes, and with good reason. It has all the bells and whistles that will make your shop special, including banners with parallax scrolling, sliders and videos.


It also includes shortcodes which are great for adding maps and testimonials, and it comes with an excellent product page builder. What’s more, this theme is one of the fastest which means it can greatly improve your customers’ user experience.


Flatsome theme is also not expensive as it sells around $60, a lower price to discounted price of many other themes with similar features. Read the review online and examples of top ecommerce sites using it and you’ll be overwhelmed.



5. Pinshop

If you love Pinterest and would like to adapt its style to your online shop, you should consider Themify Pinshop woocommerce theme.


It lets you set up your products in a grid much like Pinterest. It also provides a slider on top of the page so that your customers can browse through your featured items.

What’s more, Pinshop’s product pages are simple but beautifully rendered, letting you display all the information that really matters, such a description, an image, customer reviews and related items.


In conclusion, no matter what products you want to sell online, and regardless of how you want to visually present them to your customers, there is a WordPress theme just for you.


Most of the themes described here further come with live previews or demos so that you can see them in action.