8 Boot Technologies That Will Transform Your Every Step

How technology impacts boot making

Over the past few years, advancements in the boot technologies have revolutionized footwear by leaps and bounds.

Here’s a look at the top eight boot technologies that will transform your every step.

How technology impacts boot making

Gore-Tex technology has become a standard in the boot footwear industry. This technology keeps feet dry, yet allows the skin to breathe.

The Gore-Tex membrane does an excellent job at shielding feet from water, while its microporous membrane allows air to flow in and moisture to escape.


Pro Crepe
Crepe Comfort is a boot technology that maximizes comfort.

The Pro Crepe outsole is a lightweight cushion that is wear-resistant and long-lasting.

It provides all-day comfort, and when paired with a Duratread heel, you’ll enjoy slip-resistance, which is especially important depending on the environment you are wearing your boots in.

Many manufacturing warehouses and facilities require workers to wear a slip-resistant boot.


Cobalt Quantum
Cobalt Quantum boot technology is dynamically integrated into Ariat boots and provides breathable comfort that lasts all day long.

It enhances the ergonomic performance of a boot and delivers flexible support. It’s a boot that is ideal for hiking and working.


Advanced Torque Stability
Also known as ATS, Advanced Torque Stability promotes good posture and is known to reduce fatigue.

The moisture-wicking footbed of this boot technology makes the boots extremely breathable, which is of the utmost importance if you’re working in them.

Even better is that the technology is compatible with various types of use-specific outsoles.


Designed to make boots more breathable, the Chip-a-Tex waterproof boot technology keeps water out of your boots but allows air to pass through.

Even better is that it lets air pass through from the bottom of the boot, giving you ultimate comfort.


MeraMax is a boot technology that is specially designed to enhance the performance of military boots.

The technology is lightweight, heat- and flame-resistant, slip-resistant, and much more.

If you’re looking for a boot that is hydrolytically stable, you’ll definitely want to purchase a pair that uses MeraMax technology.


Developed by Wellco, TUFFkusion boot technology is found on many generation military boots.

It combines a high-traction rubber tread sole with a unique soling system that is not only lightweight but gives you the feeling of wearing a running shoe.


OrthoRebound Footbed

OrthoRebound Footbed boot technology is specifically designed to mold to the shape of your foot.

It delivers exceptional support to your arch and doesn’t compress even after long periods of wear.

Its high-wicking material makes it extremely breathable, which allows your foot to stay dry and cool, even when working in hot weather.

With advancements in technology improving the structure and functionality of boots, you can be sure to find a pair that is ideal for all your environments and needs.

Are you ready to take your footwear to the next level of comfort?