How to Spy on Phone to Intercept messages & Call Logs

How to spy on msg and calls of another person

Mobile phone usage has always been private even before the spread of sophisticated mobile phones (smartphone) today which promotes much more privacy with features that can help anyone to keep their android, iPhone, iPads, etc as private as possible.

How to spy on msg and calls of another person

These phones come with Lock mechanisms in different forms and also, third party apps that develop security apps. However, there are other applications developed to track stolen phones, monitor phone and protect it from intruders.

Some of these apps also assist parents to have control over their children’s phone’s activities. Some of the best applications in the spyware market are reviewed in detail below.

Highster Mobile app is a spyware that can track text messages and they’ve been in the business for almost a decade with a constant check on the app program.


It has a reasonable success rate from reviews of users who have used this app to spy on the activities of their children or spouse on mobile phones. It has helped countless individuals to keep an eye on phones and specifically, assemble instant messages from pretty much any cell phone device available.

This app will not just empower you to recover new messages from your android phone, it will likewise separate old and deleted texts too.

The app has it in its capacity to scour the memory of the smartphone and remove both the old and deleted text messages accessible as long as they’ve not been overwritten.

The bewildering thing is that you can do this with an android phone owned by a third party. If you want to gain an advantage to keep watch over the text messages that your girlfriend/boyfriend or your wife/husband receives, the app is just right for you. It can be used to find a cheating wife

The operation of the app is simple and it takes no time before it will retrieve old messages; it is also compatible with the iPhone and can as well spy on it when you can not jailbreak it.

This is one of the reasons why many people doff their hats for this application because of its simplicity and top quality (success rate) among competing apps in the spyware market.

More so, it extracts data from call records, photos, video recordings, browser cache and social account profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

To use this app, download it from the secured source, install it and make sure it’s saved in the appropriate phone directory. Once you launch it, enter your license key ( The payment certificate) and mobile phone number you wanted to spy its activities and almost instantly, you will begin to see the activities on the SIM (phone no).

If the need be to make an inquiry or ask a question, you’re provided with live support to contact their administrators and receive a prompt reply to your queries

Surepoint Spy is a simple-to-use phone spy application developed by ILF Mobile Apps Corp., USA. The app is superb for everyone that wants to track the activities of the mobile phone number with numerous helpful components.

It can keep an eye on phone text messages and view all call logs, photographs, and recordings, it additionally permits you to screen over various gadgets and does not require that you own the phone and mobile number before you can access vital records of the activities carried on on the phone.

It’s perfect spyware for any supervisor that needs to monitor workers, guardian or kids.

Surepoint Spy is consummately intended to keep an eye on the iMessages Apple phones. With this app, iPhones and iPads can be tracked perfectly and also support “No jailbreak” It will retrieve iMessages and text messages from your phone.

The jailbreaking can be unmasked by paying for a one time charge of just $69.99. There are no extra expenses or month to month charges connected with the buy of this app.

The client backing is among the best of the best. Questions get addressed rapidly and issues get determined promptly. There was dependably an inviting individual noting the telephone to answer my inquiries or resolve any issues that may emerge.

As I would like to think, you won’t locate a superior content spy for iPhones and iPads than Surepoint Spy.