Sam’s Club Membership Benefits for Cheap Bulk Order Online

Online shopping is a very lucrative and thriving market. Some recent studies have revealed that 9 out of every 10 Americans now have purchased online in their lifetime.


There are several online shopping sites online, some with huge warehouses across a specific country and some across different countries while some stand as medium to connect sellers to buyers.


Out of the cheap online shopping platforms to get nice products is Sam’s club. Sam’s club is a retail warehouse club where you have to become member of the club before you can buy products.


It’s owned by Walmart inc and it’s one of the biggest retail warehouse club in America, with hundreds of warehouses in about 45 states in US alone and in other countries across Europe and Asia.


To shop on Sam’s club, you’d have to become a member by paying a yearly subscription of about $45 but you’ll get much more benefits for this penny when compared to shopping on other free grocery stores.


There are two major things that set Sam’s club apart in my own opinion. The first is the ability to buy goods in bulk at a cheaper price than most other stores. There are just few grocery stores thatch provide this opportunity.


The second benefit is that, you get all sorts of products ranging from food, fashion products, electronics, drugs, office gadgets etc


There are basically two types of membership account, Sam’s club and Sam’s plus. The former is with limited benefits in terms of payment option, shipping and rewards while the later has value added services and it’s more like a senior account.


No doubt, Sam’s club membership would benefit you as a mum, most especially if you prefer buying goods in bulk and for sure, you’d like to do that at a lesser price. If you join today, you stand a chance of getting great offers that are available for new member.



Once you join, you begin shopping on discounted prices and you can pay with your credit cards, gift cards, checks and many other payment options are available.


Your products also get shipped to you within 5 business days depending on the processing and your shipping method.


To get more benefits, you can enter’s Sam’s Club membership gift card giveawaforhen you join through account. Savings is a site where you can get discounts on different products.


This great opportunity would end on November 9 and winners would receive $100 Sam’s plus gift of membership gift card. To enter this giveaway, you only need to go to Sam’s club page on savings and enter your email.


There’s another offer for new mom with a chance to win great prizes for participating in the #NewMomsLoveSams Twitter party. This is to encourage new mom to start taking the advantage of cheap bulk order from Sam’s club.