10 Best Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds Manager to help grow your Money

best cryptocurrency hedge fund manager
Trading cryptocurrencies is an easy task. Anybody can trade in the comfort of their homes. What you need is a computer, internet and an eye for opportunity.
The secret lies in picking the lowest-priced coins just when they hit the exchange market. Wait for the price to rally up and boom! You become an overnight millionaire. Is it this easy?
best cryptocurrency hedge fund manager
The Truth About Day Trading
Former traders have called day trading nerve-racking and not profit-making. Buying cryptocurrency via Coinbase or LocalBitcoins is easy.
The difficult part comes when you need to track daily price movements and adjust holdings to safeguard your principal amount invested. The volatility of these types of assets makes it even more stressful.

 Crypto hedge funds

You don’t need to rake your hair roots every day and have sleepless nights awaiting the right price to sell. Cryptocurrency hedge funds employ talented investment and management professionals who understand the mechanics of trading and investing your money in cryptocurrency.
Trade your inexperience and pain for trust and expertise in investment. It’s a safe bet for greater potential in earning a handsome return.

Cryptocurrency hedge fund facts 2017-2018

How does a return of between 2000% and 82000% look on your year-end statement?
Well at the peak of 2017, this was the return that top cryptocurrency hedge funds made for their investors.
When bitcoin reached its all-time high of $20,000, appetite for investment grew. 90 new hedge fund launches of the 124 were also recorded as of Jan 2017.
2018 records show the largest decline in the holdings of cryptocurrency hedge funds. According to PWC and Elwood Investment Firm report, 46% of investments made by crypto hedge funds shed due to the decline in Bitcoin price.
Despite this loss, crypto fund launches grew by 104 in 2018. This is due to a renewed confidence that Bitcoin would rebound in price as is evident today at $10,000.
Can cryptocurrency make you rich? Of course. Start by considering this cryptocurrency hedge fund list of 10.

Pantera Capital

A blockchain investment firm focused on blockchain ventures, token sales, and projects related to digital currency and crypto-assets.
Over $450 million in assets managed across three venture funds and four hedge funds. The main crypto assets invested are ZCASH, Ripple, Veem, Xapo, Ripio, and Civic.
In 2017, Pantera reported a 25,000% return and in 2018, a loss of 41% against all its investments.
This top crypto hedge fund is open to accredited investors seeking to invest $100,000 or more in blockchain-enabled companies.

Coin capital

An investment firm considered among the best crypto hedge funds that specialize in crypto assets.
Its cryptocurrency hedge fund portfolio diversifies into Initial Coin Offerings, blockchain start-ups and the top ten coins and tokens on CoinmarketCap.
It manages roughly over $25M in assets and admits individuals or institutions with a high net worth of $2.1M

Alphabit Fund

An actively managed cryptocurrency and digital asset investment fund that aims to beat the performance of Bitcoin on a risk-adjusted basis.
This crypto-asset advisory firm specializes in trading cryptocurrency markets, early-stage blockchain start-ups and token sale advisory services.
It invests in Ethereum, Ark, Ethereum Classic and PeerCoin. Initial Coin Offering invested in is MetalPay, Blocktix, Matchpool, Aeternity, and Skycoin. This fund manages over $480M in assets and is open for all classes of investors.


This is a blockchain asset management, utility token listing, and financial solutions company.
Bitspread offers investment management to professional clients such as family offices and asset managers who have blockchain assets exposed to risk. They use financial engineering expertise to mitigate the risk of price volatility.
This fund allows an investor with a starting capital of €100,000.

Silver 8 Capital

This crypto hedge fund focuses on blockchain technology developments and applications.
It is currently investing in liquid markets i.e. cryptocurrencies and selected private investments that it’s invited to. In 2017, Silver 8 Capital returned 770.74%, the best crypto hedge fund performance with a mix of different strategies.
It manages around $350M in assets; a large amount being from institutional investors.

Grayscale capital

This is a subsidiary company of the Digital Currency Group. This top crypto hedge fund invests and manages digital assets.
The major crypto assets invested are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple and ZCash.
This firm manages assets of $1.95B. Family offices, hedge funds and other institutional investors with a minimum of $25,000 can join.

BitBull Fund

BitBull Fund is a subsidiary of BitBull Capital which is a cryptocurrency fund of funds. It manages 10 of the more than 600 cryptocurrency hedge funds in the market.
BitBull Fund also invests in public crypto assets via its Opportunistic Fund.
This fund manages more than $20M in assets across firms under it.
Investors with between $25,000 and $100,000 in the capital are the major beneficiaries of this fund.

BlackMoon Crypto Fund

A cryptocurrency fund that is part of the BlackMoon Financial Group. This is a blockchain-based platform for tokenized investment funds.
This crypto hedge fund allows its users to create, promote, develop, and manage legally compliant investment funds while covering all aspects from technology and infrastructure, to the legal framework and corporate structuring.
It has closed well over $100M in deals. The tokens issued from the platform bases on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Brian Kelly Capital

This is a digital currency investment firm that caters for high net worth individual investors, family offices and institutions.
It has focused investments on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Golem, Augur and Siacoin. It also gears its clients’ funds to blockchain-focused opportunities.

Polychain Capital

Polychain capital is among the best crypto hedge funds that specialize in a diversified portfolio of blockchain tokens.
The main crypto assets invested are Tezos, Rchain, Polkadot, Difinity, and Cosmos.
It has attracted institutional investors who have contributed to its funding and assets under management.
It is always prudent to walk with those who are experienced. They guide you on the right path and shield you from loss or injury.
They even foresee danger and prepare you to safeguard your belongings. That is the right choice you made by walking with a cryptocurrency hedge fund. Choose the right fund among the list and enjoy profits.