Creative Destruction Application Examples

Creative destruction meaning and benefits

Creative destruction is a branch of strategic planning that many people overlook or simply refuse to believe is even possible.

The main reason for this is that they have been conditioned from birth by society to only think in terms of winning.

Creative destruction, on the other hand, is not really something most people want to consider.


What is Creative Destruction?

Creative destruction is also known as linear logic.

In short, it is a process that helps us avoid being trapped by linear thinking.

By using creative destruction we can help ourselves to move away from linear thinking and get to a place of truth.

Let’s define Creative destruction then; it is when you are unearthing your own merits and zeroing in on those that aren’t working.

You take things that are working and use them to your advantage and disregard those that are not.

Creative destruction meaning and benefits

Creative Destruction Application Examples


  • Example 1

Consider a situation where you are involved in an argument with another person or group of people.

You start off agreeing with them about something or other.

The disagreement quickly turns into an imbroglio when one party utters something unkind or derogatory about the other.

You might feel compelled to respond with something along the lines of; “You are so petty, what are you thinking?”

However, if you stick to your guns you will realize that the other person is correct and the earlier statement you said was completely unkind.


  • Example 2

Another creative destruction example involves the fact that most people love to think of themselves as a victim and try to direct others away from their own creative greatness.

You will hear folks say things like; “He/She will never do anything,” “He/she is so stupid,” etc.

How often have you yourself thought these things yourself? Of course, you have!

We all deserve to be criticized for our mistakes. However, let’s not allow others to use that as an opportunity to belittle us.

When someone says to you; “You are so dumb,” tell them that you know that they are a creative genius and yet you still are not worthy of their criticism.

You don’t owe anyone anything and anyone who tells you that they do is simply trying to manipulate and discourage you from using your talents for your own good.

When you hear this kind of thing from people around you, it reminds you that you are a creator and you should never be afraid of it or allow yourself to fall for it.


  • Example 3

One creative destruction example takes place during sex.

There are many occurrences in which one person has a great desire to have sex with another person and yet at that moment they are unsure of themselves.

If they are not confident that they can do it well or simply are not sure that they are up to the challenge, then they will just not go through with it.

On the other hand, if they are confident and feel like they can do it, then they will go ahead anyway and even out the creative flow that was in their life prior to that point.


  • Example 4

Another creative destruction example takes place when something that the creative genius did end up to be a total waste because it ends up causing harm to another.

For instance, if a creative genius writes a great book, then he or she may feel that the world would be a better place if they could share it with the rest of us.

However, what they do is actually destroying the very thing that they are trying to create.

The same thing happens when a creative genius invents a new technology.

Once again, once they created it, they now have to either protect it or give it away in order to make a living.

Sometimes creative geniuses are not aware that they are using their powers for bad.

Perhaps they are creating new technology, but they didn’t think about the potential problems that could occur once it became popular.



This is what is known as creative destruction. Creative destruction does not always come from the creative genius himself or herself, but sometimes it comes from the society that he or she creates for.

If the creative genius accidentally destroys something that may be valuable to someone else, then he or she has harmed all of those that he or she was trying to help.

Thus, the key to avoiding creative destruction is to simply think before you act, and if you are unsure, then ask your friends or consult with legal professionals first.