What Makes a Good Business Card

How to design your business card

Business card distribution can be said to be an evergreen marketing approach.

It has worked for small scale businesses in the past and will continue to work in the future, even with the social media being the trend now.

There are several reasons business card is effective even till today – some people are not on the social media, some are getting heavily distracted and now prefer real conversation with people.

Handling your business cards to real people reinforces relationship which last long than reaching to people via social media.

While business card is still effective, you need to understand what makes a good business card, and make your design top notch.

How to design your business card

Things to consider while designing your Business card


  • Making Card Attractive and easily Readable

The most important thing to keep in mind while designing of your business card is getting the card attractive and making the information on it easily readable.

Your target customers should be able to get all the important information about you and your company at a glance.

You don’t want to make them have bad first impression about your business, rather making information as short and understandable as possible.


  • Include all important data on the business cards

To small business owners that want to design business cards to give to target customers for the first time, the question is always “What information should be in a business card”?

Here, all the basic details about your business should be be found on the business card.

The following information should definitely not be missing on your business card.

  • Your company’s name and logo
  • Your office address
  • Your full name and the position in the company
  • Your email, phone line, website, and social accounts

Your company name is the most important thing and you should make it the first thing your potential customers see on the card.

You should not also forget to add your company’s logo, especially at the top edge of the card.

Experts have discovered that business cards with a logo are a bigger “eye-catcher”; already an image speaks more than texts.

If you have much information to show and at the same time don’t want to use much space on your card, you can use a QR code on the card to make direct your potential customer to your website.


Quality design matters a lot

If you want to make your business card stand out, you need to outsource quality print company.

We have discussed what needs to be on the business cards but if the card is poorly made, your target customers will not bother to read what you offer.

I always go for custom design of cards, and this is the reason I stick with Aura print till today.

Besides being one of the best print company with affordable rate, they specialize on high-quality and luxury business card printing with creative finishes.

You can choose from their over 300 custom print combinations while designing your card.

An important starting point is the material used. With Aura print, you can choose Silk, Kraft, Magnetic, Plastic or any other from the list.

I love plastic business card because it’s durable and command respect. If you can’t afford it, paper card will definitely work well, just avoid thin paper.

No potential client will appreciate having a thin business card at hand. Paper that is too thin can speak bad of you in the first impression.

Also,you should using a paper that is too thick, because it may then no longer be possible to put it in the wallet.

You can add a metallic effect, embossing or spot varnish. And with this, for example, put your logo in the limelight. Please note, however, that all extras and finishes are of course associated with additional costs.

So don’t get lost in the design if you’re low on budget, always keep an eye on total costs.


Proof-read and Format accordingly

After making the design, you don’t need to rush in sending the template to the company, go through the details again and ensure the information is properly formatted.

An important point is, for example, the space between the texts. This shouldn’t be too wide or small.

However, it is much more important that the spaces on your business card are the same.

Check the font,make sure it’s readable by your potential clients.

Also, be careful not to use too many fonts on the business cards, that looks unprofessional, although two or a maximum of three fonts are still good.

When choosing the color for your business card, the following applies: less is more.

If possible, stay in a minimalist framework and avoid too colorful design. It can of course be particularly suitable if the business cards are created in the colors of your corporate design .



Business cards can be used to market your business to people you meet and achieve great success with.

Your target should be to make your business card as attractive as possible so the target clients can be able to read about your offers in pleasure.

The full details about yourself and the company is particularly important, and the design should market the promotion effectively.