Benefits of Chatbots to Business Owners & Customer Services

What is chatbot ?

Chatbots are computer applications designed to communicate with internet users in voice or text as if it’s real human.

It’s now much implemented in businesses and have been a result of the developing AI technologies.

Along with several applications in messaging apps, chatbots have also proven to assist businesses in various ways.

Be it in customer service or in enhancing the buyer’s decisions, the use of chatbots have changed the customer experience drastically.

The purpose of using chatbots in business is to assist you in communicating with both existing clients and potential clients.

These are people who may want to make inquiries about your business when you’re not online.

As a result of this, brands have increased loyalty.

It can be said for sure that chatbots are here to stay and enhance the businesses. Starting from a simple command-based set up, the chatbot has evolved into a great deal.

Companies in the ecommerce industry, hospitality, customer service, call centers and others have already improve their services and increase revenue with the integration of chatbots.

This integration is done with their sites, social network, mobile apps, messenger accounts etc.

Although the use of chatbots in business applications are still in the early stages and are expected to increase in the years to come, several companies have already keyed into it.

Companies such as Starbucks, MasterCard, Spotify, Fandango, Staples Pizza Hut and host of other big businesses and even small and medium scale businesses are already benefiting from chatbots integration with their businesses.


Chatbots with Mobile Devices and the Experience

For performing any kind of specialized tasks, the chatbots can be used in a business.

All the simple functions like to book a restaurant and maintaining the grocery list can all be done with the help of chatbots.

This takes it to the next stage of maintaining the inventory as well as synchronizes it with the purchase list.

In terms of mobile devices, chatbots have already proven to be highly useful.

This is because chatbots have enhanced the mobile experience by making it more streamlined.

Right from the basic browsing to the purchase features, it has proved to give a better experience when compared with the PC.

Since most of the present population prefers to chat for queries and complaints rather than make a phone call, the use of chatbots for mobile apps will add to the list of benefits.


Applications of chatbots in terms of Customer Service

Since chatbots are AI based functions, it does not have limitations, unlike humans.

Due to this fact, they are able to handle customer service in a rapid way by communicating with far more customers than the humans at one given instance.

Even in the human-interaction-based service, the chatbots can be used to interact with the users effectively.

By diversifying all the unrelated service based tasks from humans, it allows them to concentrate on the crucial tasks in the limited time.

There are many complicated tasks which can be performed by humans and which require the presence of humans. By using chatbots for simple tasks, the manual resource can be taken up for better use.

Since chatbots can be made smarter, much more recurring tasks can be added to its list.

More so, since chatbots have the ability to crunch the big numbers, they can even make customer service much more personalized.

With the data analyzing techniques, chatbots can prompt customers with better service by notifying them of pending tasks and upcoming offers when they are involved in similar research.

Since it will help in saving money for the customers, it will be a definite hit.


Chatbots help in Enhancing Customers’ Service & increasing Sales

In this present days, most of transactions and sales are done online as most customer payment choice is online.

Many shoppers now use credit cards and digital wallets as most societies now encourage cashless payment and societies.

These numbers are only going to increase in the coming years.

The use of automated technologies like chatbots will be useful in increasing the number of sales for e-commerce stores.

When a customer makes online shopping, the chatbots will save the customer data and make suggestions in the future, which will a subtle way of selling the products.

In the present scenario, customers are either confused with the huge range of products especially when there are several alternates or substitutes to it.

Due to this, many customers will get overwhelmed and discard the cart at the end. This has proven to be a major problem of card abandonment nowadays.

Chatbots can be used to provide suggestions among the visited products and slowly guide the customer to buy the product.

This will increase the number in terms of sales for the business and even benefit the customer by saving their time and guiding them in making the right choice and decision.

Also, when the customer researches about a product, it can be saved to the customer’s history with the help of chatbots.

With the help of the recent purchase history and the recent search history, the customer can be given a personalized shopping experience from that point on.

This will benefit many customers so much because they do not want to waste time researching about a product or spending time shopping and prefer to purchase their usual products, this option will make the customers use the shop more.

With the help of chatbots, all the regular purchases of the customer can be highlighted and even saved for a regular order like monthly groceries.

Chatbots can even be used to remind the customer that it is time to order again or renew service you’re already using.


The Future of Chatbots in Businesses

Since the applications of chatbots are only going to increase, the user experience can be made interactive with its help.

So, the whole customer journey will be made way more interactive with these automated applications.

Since they have the capacity to increase the customer scale and deliver the same type of customer experience to all no matter how rapidly the number increases, business are expected to shift towards chatbots as it seems to be the smart move.

Without any doubt, it’s now clear that chatbots are the future in interactive marketing and customers’ relations in businesses.