How to read Business Cards with Mobile Apps

how to scan business card on your phone

Business Card Reader Capsule

Business Card Reader Capsule is an app serving the purpose of the business card reader, developed by MagneticOne Mobile app developer in Ukraine.

It’s a very nice concept to have a mobile app in replacement of an electronic card reader machine and this app works great in a simple way.

Business Card Reader Capsule is one of my fav and one of the best card reader apps which does not only read the business card, but it’s built to serve a business purpose.

It makes it easy for you to read any business card within a few minutes and with an app interface that’s second to none.

You don’t need to upload anything for scanning before you get all the personal information and business details.

What you need to do to backup your business card information and get them secured is to use this card reader app.

Simply make a snapshot of the business card and the app detects it automatically and the data on it is processed; after which you can preview it to make an adjustment and save it to either your contact or CRM.

This free smart card reader would read any type of card and you don’t have to worry about communication with the app if you’re not from English speaking country as the app supports more than twenty languages across Europe, Asia, and Africa, including Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, German, French, Korean, etc.

how to scan business card on your phone

You can use the free version of this app for personal use. However, if you want to remove the limit, you can go premium with $15 to $400 per year depending on your budget and if you’ve to read thousands of business cards annually.

You can as well earn free credit for using this app.

Business Card Reader is also a smart card reader app developed by a Romanian app developer, Ionescu Alexandru.

This one simply scan the business card information and synchronize it across multiple devices once your register an account on the app; so don’t have to go with a bunch of cards or spend quality time searching for the business addresses of your clients.



BCReader, as it’s sometimes referred to, can save almost all forms of information even if it’s in QR Code and you can create your digital business card within a minute and share it via Near Field Communication system (NFC) or a photo.

We’ve tested the barcode scanning with information in other languages such as Russian and french.


Business Card Reader Free

Business Card Reader Free is a better card reader app with many features in its free mode and the app was developed by ABBYY in California, USA.

It makes data management using a mobile app a better option for keeping business card records and it is well recommended by top companies in the US.

What this app does is capture your business card data using the OCR engine with support to over twenty languages including Japanese, Ukrainian, Chinese, Italian, and others, and secured it in the cloud so that you can restore it easily and synchronize it for accessibility across other phones; everything is done with a fast speed.

Other things you can do with Business Card Reader app are, adding editable notes to business cards, grouping business cards based on purpose, sending card details by email or SMS, making a quick search of business card contacts and many more.

With over 1,000,000 installs from the Google play store, it’s one of the most reliable business card readers that even allow you to read ten business cards on the free trial.