How to Thank your Customers for their Business

How to appreciate your customers

Customer satisfaction is now prioritized more than ever before in customer management of any  business organization, whether you run B2C or B2B model of business.

Great customer service will make you to have competitive edge over your competitors. Sending thank you notes for customer appreciation, for their purchase is also a way of making your customers happy and satisfied with your service.

Sending thank you notes shows how much you value your customers, and this appreciation for their patronage may not cost you much, and can have significant effects on sales.

For example, you can send than you note to clients for selecting your service, purchasing your product or for their support towards the growth of your company.


How to make your Customers happy

There are simple ideas of making your customers happy for dealing with you, and to continue buying from you.

How to appreciate your customers

Send Handwritten Thank you Notes

This may sound old-fashioned to you but it’s one of the ways to appreciate your customers. Sending thank you notes can now be done digitally.

There are online apps to write text as if you’ve used ink-pen and paper. This note can then be delivered to your customers’ email or printed on cards and send to their physical addresses.

Send thank you note to your customers for registering for your workshop, training, events and others.

You can also send thank you message after they order from your shop or subscribe to your service.

You can make the message more valuable by personalizing the message, make it short, special and meaningful.


Help your Customers Learn New things

You can also appreciate your customers by educating them on safety, finance, how to choose the right product, how to care for their items etc.

Imparting knowledge to your customers is very important, it can be on trending topic, event, product and others. For example, you can educate them on how to detect scam emails, online fraud, fake products and so on.

If your business is online based, you can offer free webinars or digital products such as e-book, podcast or anything that will enhance the lives of your clients.


Spend Time with you Customers

Offering gifts to your customers can make them very, however, meeting them physically or inviting them to your company’s event can really make them feel special.

While this is only applicable to small and medium scale businesses, big businesses can still invite their clients to their events by streamlining the event and share link with your customers.

You can also invite them to online conference and other special events like the annual general meeting.


Offer Bonuses

Most people like freebies and discount. If you check social media, there are lots of people looking for discount on products and services.

You can appreciate your potential clients or existing customers by offering discounts on your products.

Most importantly, offering special discount and bonus to your loyal customers or regular customers.


Appreciate your Customers on Social Media

Most of your customers are on social media, you should follow them to where they visit online.

Businesses now integrate their social media accounts with their customer support engine. This don’t only make it easy for your customers to reach out to you, it will also enable you to know them, and see what they do online.

You can appreciate them on their birthday or other celebrations. Your thank you message can go with new features or products, special promotions, discounts, live chats and others.


Give away Goodies

When we say you should give away freebies to your customers, we don’t mean calendar, pens with your company’s logo inscribed on it, but something stylish, valuable, memorable, and durable.

You should send your freebies on important personal occasion or achievement of the particular customer.

You can also offer Amazon gift cards, eBay gift cards, Starbucks etc. Also, you can offer discount to the customer’s next invoice.


Throw a party

Depending on the size of your company, you can throw a party; it can be picnic, cocktails, barbecue party, picnic, whiskey tasting etc as long as it matches your line of business.

The major goal of the party is to make your customers have fun and interact with one another.

Such party is also an avenue to thank your customers for their orders, trust and support.


Network your customers

This strategy is a very good way of making your customers happy. Kindly note that some of your customers are also business owners.

You can recommend customer A who’s into a business to customer B that needs the service of customer A. This is particularly easy in the business to business model.

You can network your customers online and as well offline, it makes them loyal to your company.

You can also celebrate your top clients by featuring them on your website, and recommend their business too.