How to get temporary Phone Number for Online verification|

How to get free phone number online

Getting phone number contact and sending SMS to potential customers is one of the cheapest means of advertising but not cheap until you’re able to get the right contacts.

To start sending bulk messages to your clients and potential partners, here are the phone number generators

These tools would help you get cellphone numbers free and use them for your marketing or any other legit purposes. is a real fake American phone number generator to get free online phone numbers.

Its use is not for SMS verification or receiving text but random numbers you can include in your profiles on websites that mandate you to enter the phone numbers for account registration.

You can also use them for other purposes in which you want to protect your identity and keep safe from SMS spam and hacks.

US local numbers and international numbers are given.


randomphonenumbers is a nice site to get random US phone numbers you can use to bluff call using some apps to change phone numbers when you’re calling someone.

It’s a simple tool you can customize, select the location of the call line number you want to get from 51 US States you have on the list.

Enter the city (optional) and click the generate button and you get thousands of phone numbers. The list is just crazy.

You’ll get the numbers as specified, details if it’s cell phone number or home line.

For more details about each number, click on it and you get the area code, city code, prefix, zip codes, FIPS code, carrier, timezone,, and similar phone numbers.

Even when you don’t request a particular city’s phone numbers, you’ll still get a list of 120 random phone numbers on their site.

More so, you can select from the city categories and get numbers from a US city.

How to get free phone number online

Getnewidentity is an online tool to generate free virtual USA mobile phone numbers.

When you visit the site, ten US call line numbers are created at random.

However, you can get some numbers that are registered with a mobile networks and have real user identity.

These numbers are created at random, having different area codes so that you can easily find numbers from a specific location in the US.

If you don’t like the random numbers, you can as well use the custom search to create another set of lists.

Enter the number of mobile phone numbers you want and click the generate button and boom, the list is pasted in seconds.

If you want to know more about each phone number, you can click on it to get the details.

You will get the information about the location (State/province) where it comes from.

For example, maybe Atlanta in Georgia, LA in California, Albany in NY,, etc, the time zone and also get if it’s a landline or mobile, information on how to contact the network service provider of the number to know the true caller ID.

However, the publisher made it known that the level of accuracy is not that high as they only use google Maps to get the possible location and data about the phone numbers.

Also note that a few Canadian phone numbers are also generated using the program. is a similar site that does the exact thing as GetNewIdentity.

The random numbers are legitimate and in standard order US numbering form but the numbers are also fake and can not be used in telephony.

It is normal to assume some of the numbers could have real users, probably it has been used before or thinking someone can register it.

However, there is much chance that you’ll not find a real caller ID from this tool and the probability is very low that it could become useful in the future.


Another similar one is fakepersongenerator , the only difference is that you get only mobile phone numbers and you can enter zip code alongside city and state name. is a good tool to get a second phone number for calling or texting anonymously.

It can be used for getting calls and messages to your second number which will be rerouted to your original number while you keep your real phone number private (call spoofing )

With this, you’re still able to get calls and messages on it from people.

It’s a way of not showing your real mobile phone number to someone you don’t trust.

When you need to call someone using a fake number or call from your phone number and have another number (second number) showing on the receiver’s phone screen without blocking your ID, burner app is a good solution.

There are situations whereby, blocking your phone number is not a good option.

For example, if you’re calling a service organization or making an inquiry and you’re expecting feedback, you don’t need to keep your number private but rather use a free disposable phone number.

Get your free second phone number burnerapp on your android phone or iPhone to set up your subscription easily.

After that, you can start getting temporary disposable mobile phone numbers you can use for a marketing campaign.

If you’re wondering how you can have two phone numbers on one line on your iPhone, using a second number service is a good option.

Getting unlimited local phone numbers, auto-renew or burning them after using for some time, getting custom voicemail messaging, blocking contact, setting up auto-reply to messages and busy mode, making a call and text forwarding, and blocking robot call or spam calls are some of the features of the application. Similar to burnerapp are

  • sideline 2nd phone number
  • iPlum Second Phone number
  • SpoofCard second number service
  • PhonerApp for android & iPhone
  • Line2 second-line business service
  • Hushed
  • OnOffApp


Getfakedata is an Indian version of the phone numbers generator to get random fake Indian numbers. You want more than one number, then select up to 50 phone number lists to be generated.

You can also get phone numbers from over 60 countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, the United States, Switzerland, and others.


Potechng is a Nigerian phone number generator that’s damn simple to get lots of gsm numbers for SMS marketing, political campaigns, business, and products promotion.

Just click the ‘Generate GSM Number’ button and a page pop up for you to select the number of gsm number you want and it randomly creates real mobile phone numbers from different networks such as MTN, Airtel, Glo Mobile9, etc.

Using this tool, we were able to generate up to 5,000 numbers at a time and confirmed many of them to be real as calls went through, however, some are not reachable when tried.

One thing we like most about this tool is that you can just copy the list and paste it as a comma is already used in separating the phone numbers.


Textmagic is a free phone number validation tool to verify phone numbers online and this works with several country number codes.

To verify any phone number, enter it into the box provided and select your country and validate. If it’s not your personal number, you need to first know the origin of such a number in order to select the appropriate province.

The site pop up information about the number’s country, shows if it’s a cellphone or landline, the carrier information, national and international details, etc and once the number has been verified, you can send a message to it with your textmagic account online.


This is a simple way to know if there’s any of the fake phone numbers you’ve generated is real and can be used. However, there’s a downside here since you can not make bulk validation.


If you’re looking for real phone number generator to use for bulk sms campaign as a telemarketer, can be very useful to take away the stress in getting this contacts through other means or reducing the cost of buying list at expensive price and may not not convert as expected.


You can download the webcilo app on your smartphone, use it to generate thousands of phone numbers selected by country, city and even province in few seconds.


Not all the gsm numbers are valid but 8 out of 10 are working when tested and you can choose to get random number or numbers whose figures are in series.


If you don’t want to download the app, you can still do everything right on there webpage, select the country, mobile prefix of the desired network out of the list of mobile network service providers in that chosen country, set NSN number and the number of phone number you want.


You have a limit of 100 phone Numbers to be generated at a time, however, if you want thousands of it, you simple register for a free account to remove the limit.


randomlists is another random USA phone numbers. You select the count and refresh and you get what you want. Different numbers having different area code.


phonenumberextractor is a Nigerian developed phone number extractor that can generate hundreds of gsm numbers from Nigeria and in other countries.


Select if you want crude extraction or purified extraction, paste the page url or the text you want phone numbers to extracted or choose a file from your computer (only accepting HTML and txt for now) and extract the file.


You can as well select other variables such as separation methods, that is, whether the number should be separated by comma, semi colon, space, or to put each number on a new line and others.


Also, enter your details to get the list straight to you inbox, select if you want random numbers, normal or sorted list etc


The phonenumberextractor also worth mentioning here. Enter the number of counts, enter the prefix of the number (optional), enter the starting number if you want the numbers to be in sequential order, choose if you want random or sequential, and select the separator as mentioned in the extraction tool and the result is given as specified.

You can also name your project, provide your email and phone number to get it delivered to your email account.