Microsoft Office Alternatives You Can Download Free

The great success and positioning that Microsoft Office has had continued to be global, the Office suite covers the entire market on the Internet and interrelates desktop applications, servers and services for operating systems.


Microsoft Office is a paid application package, so those who wish to take advantage of their presentations must buy and respect the terms of the contract, but as in all markets, some strong competitors offer similar or better services to those presented by Microsoft Office, and the best free.

Microsoft office alternatives you can trust


It is an Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office. In Apache OpenOffice, you will find a word processor, a spreadsheet and a tool to create presentations among other good options that do not have to envy anything to other application packages of this type.

No doubt you will be surprised by its reliability and its power, especially its prices. It’s free. You can Download OpenOffice, Choose the operating system or language you prefer.



LibreOffice is the brother of OpenOffice, a much more stable version, with a very high cycle of updates and all the support of the community with which includes added tools and a wide range of compatible files.

You can download LibreOffice and it’s compatible with most operating systems.


Google Docs

Google is a world of possibilities, documents, presentations, reports, databases and many more options for free, a real marvel to work with several people in a single document and all the quality that can be expected from the internet Giant herself, Google.

You can install your app for Android and iPhone, log in to the Google Docs service online and you can use it anywhere in the world with Internet access.


Free Office

Free Office has everything that an average user of an office suite needed, it’s very light but being light is not taken for weakness or being poor, it has options that are of quality for any PC especially for the ones that are limited in RAM and processor.

It has a portable version that you can take in your USB memory, anywhere you want.

Download FreeOffice as it works on most operating systems and has a wide range of languages.


Office Online

Office Online is made especially for OneDrive users, the Microsoft Storage Service.

An undeniable marvel, the most elementary of the office suite of 2016 in a Web application that allows you to edit Office documents, upload them, share them, work collaboratively.

It’s an amazing tool that you can start using now. I hope you love it and you can recommend more in the comment section or give your opinion.