How to Connect PC to TV with(out) HDMI, VGA, RCA, & Wifi

Hook up your PC and TV via HDMI

Thinking of how to connect your computer to tv, it’s not difficult, especially with the modern LED HDTV and wireless TV.

There are many ways to connect the devices and transmit your pictures, audio, and video files to your TV.

Some computers use the Video Graphics Array (VGA) connection, Some the red-yellow-white RCA connector, Digital Visual Interface (DVI), and High Definition Media Input (HDMI) and some have a combination of some of these connectors.

Besides the different cable connections, smart TVs can access files directly on the shared files on the network.

New laptops from Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, and Mac all work with HDMI and some of them have dual video output.

However, an HDMI cable is enough for you to turn your ultra HD 100+ inch smart TV into a monitor or projector.

In case you’re still using an old laptop without VGA, you can hook up your laptop to the TV with the aid of an adaptor which is connected to the PC USB Port.


How to connect PC and TV via HDMI

Hook up your PC and TV via HDMI

Once your PC is having a digital HDMI or mini HDMI output, locate the correct HDMI input source on your TV and connect appropriately.

Now, use your TV remote control to navigate to the HDMI channel on your TV and your high-quality image on your computer screen will start displaying on your TV screen, including audio and audiovisual.

We have tested screen mirroring of laptops powered by Windows 10 with brands and Flat TV like Lg, Samsung, Sony Bravio, Roku, Fire TV, and Vizio TV wirelessly and some good testimonials from other reviewers, most especially those who’re fond of playing games and movies from their computers and streaming it on TV.

However, we still have to work in Windows 7,8 and some others if there’s any challenge.

If there’s a problem and there’s no sound or connection not working, you need to go back to your TV settings, maybe the two devices are not on the same resolution, just adjust the image settings on the TV and try again.

The audio signal is the most easily transmitted through HDMI but in your computer sound settings, the TV should have to appear as a peripheral playback device.


What you need if you’re connecting the two devices in these conditions

To connect HDMI computer to

  • DisplayPort You need a simple adapter to be used
  • DVI: You can also use a simple adapter but the audio signal must be transmitted separately.
  • VGA: For this connection, it requires a converter.
  • Composite video/component video/SCART/S-video: You also need a converter.
  • While there are homemade HDMI to VGA converters, HDMI to RCA cables, HDMI to DVI cables which you can make with a DIY tutorial online, it’s important to know if everything is made properly and you’re correct with the wiring before tampering with your gadgets.


How to connect a laptop to smart tv without HDMI port, Using a VGA cable

In addition to HDMI, for other interfaces to connect to PC and TV, usually on old CPUs that have a DVI or VGA output instead of an HDMI socket since HDMI technology is an advanced development of the DVI connector.

You’ll need an adapter for the appropriate connection between TV and PC and if the Flat TV supports only HDMI without a DVI interface.


Computer and TV, both having DVI outlets

With the DVI connection, a digital signal is transmitted as well as with HDMI.

This can be fed into other digital connections with simple adapters.

In contrast to HDMI, DVI does not transmit an audio signal.

This usually requires an audio cable with a 3.5-millimeter Jack plug to RCA-red-white connectors (RCA R/L).


To connect DVI computer to

HDMI Flat TV: A simple adapter is needed.
DisplayPort: A simple adapter can be used.
VGA: A simple adapter can be used.
Composite video/component video/SCART/S-video-a converter is required.


How to connect a computer to tv without HDMI port

Hook up TV and PC without HDMi

If your CPU now has only the VGA output, your smart TV should also have a corresponding input, otherwise, an additional converter is needed, which converts the VGA signal for example to an HDMI signal.

However, if you’re using older TV and it has just a SCART or RCA input, it can be connected to your computer if it has an S-video TV-output.

However, an additional adapter S-video to SCART or RCA is also needed.


How to connect a laptop to a smart tv wirelessly

The wireless connection of laptop and smart TV simplifies everything makes sense if you permanent the computer, probably in your house or office.

You can use the network interface of the smart TVs to get contents from the PC when connected via WiFi just like the way we transfer files from phone to phone.

Movies, pictures, and music can all be mirrored to the TV, simply select the file from the menu of the smart TV and one of the cons here is that web pages from your browser app can also be transmitted


AppleTV and Intel WiDi

To mirror your computer screen on your HD TV screen with WiFi, there are different techniques you can use, depending on your PC.

Mac users, for example, can view all content on their Apple computer with AirPlay on TV, with the additional Apple TV box.

A similar function under Windows offers the Intel wireless display (WiDi).

It works but only for new laptops with Intel chipset. For the TV to receive the data from the laptop, it must also support WiDi.

Newer devices from LG and Toshiba have already in-built function. Alternatively, there is the AppleTV box similar to an additional WiDi receiver, for example, the Netgear Push2TV adapter.

WiDi just like Apple TV allows transmission in HD quality.