Learn the Computer Programming Languages & Methods Used by Coders

Coders use different types of codes because each one has a specific function.

A large part of the technology we use is around the World Wide Web. So, it is of paramount importance for any coders interested in intervening in Web pages or applications to learn the languages with which the Internet is built.

That includes the four most common languages, currently, HTML, PHP, JavaScript and SQL.

The development of web pages is mainly done with HTML.

JavaScript on the other hand, is more complex and is used in the user interfaces in the Dynamic web.

PHP is a language for dynamic servers that are responsible for managing the sites and databases, so it is considered one of the most relevant languages in terms of coding because of the importance of maintaining control of a server when intervening in a site.

Storing and managing sensitive and confidential data is a task of the SQL programming language.

As users, passwords and other personal information. It is common for programmers to access the SQL database and then sell the information to forums on the deep web.

When it comes to forcing some vulnerability, the programming language indicated is the Ruby, which is object oriented and quite complex.

It also uses the inverse engineering which is a somewhat confusing process and it involves analyzing the binary code of a program to trace the original source code.

It involves converting a high-level language written code into a low-level one without changing or modifying the original software.

To be successful with this technique, it’s necessary to have the knowledge of C++, Objective C and Java programming very well.

In conclusion, when we talk about coders, we are collectively referring to an individual with many capacities in the field of computing, especially coding, regardless if you use them for good or bad.