How does Computer Vision Work? Here we tell YOU

Before we discuss how computer vision works, firstly, you need to understand the concept of computer vision.

In today’s computer development, computers are able to receive and analyze data by itself. This data extends to the visual data also.

Computers are now able to process, interpret the data, and make decisions just like humans.

This concept is what is termed as computer vision.

This data can comprise numbers, personal details, images, and videos too.

Primarily, the data covers all the images from the infrared sensors.

While there are many applications to computer vision, the primary use towards the field of customer service is with the functionality of drones, with the help of remote controls.

This is used to avoid any kind of accidents or hurdles in the path.


How does Computer vision works?

For the computer vision to be reliable, the technology of pattern recognition is used.

In the case of images, numerous images are sourced and kept in the database.

These images are then processed with the help of software techniques and algorithms.

During this process, patterns of the data are sourced and saved in a particular fashion.

The analysis of the data, when called for, will happen based on the image properties such as size, color etc.

With the available data in hand, the sourced image will be cross-checked and then given to the user.

While in the earlier days there was a need for humanitarian assistance in case of pattern recognition, that is not the case now.

With the right set of programming, the need for adding this data manually can be avoided.

The computer is given the power to form the algorithm and the pattern on its own.

This is possible with the concept of deep learning through which computers are given the power to think on its own.


The Process involved in Computer Vision 

In the past, this process used to take a long time by the supercomputers.

Some processes, even took week’s time to get to the final result.

But with the advancement in technology as well as the updated hardware, the process has become faster and reliable.

With just a working internet connection and a combination of the cloud network, the entire process can be finished in no time.

Additionally, there is also the concept of open source, which allows the computer to source the ready-made information without having to crunch the numbers right from the start.

This minimizes the process-time significantly.

Fortunately, with these major advantages, computer vision is being applied to real-world applications and computers have successfully proven to take decisions based on varied situations.

Due to these benefits, many major companies have started adopting this technology in their products.

From the self-driven cars to the social networks, the computer vision concept is being applied everywhere.


Application of Computer vision 

As mentioned earlier, this concept is now being used in the application of self-driven cars.

What happens here is that the computer vision will think prior to the situation and take decisions accordingly.

Based on the source as cameras and sonar the cars can be made to stick to the lane while driving.

The objects which are coming in the lane whether parallel or opposite will be calculated by computer vision and the car will be directed accordingly.

Computer vision will be able to process the traffic signal details too.

Apart from the car sector healthcare technology also finds its use with the concept of computer vision.

Since most of the medical data are based on the image this concept can be used to detect the diseases and injuries well in advance.

Drones are also an excellent application which works with computer vision.

In several instances, they were able to spot lost sailors and survivors of calamities which were immediately reported, thus making it possible to save the crew.