Binnune Wireless Gaming Headset Specs and Functions

Binnune wireless gaming headset with microphone

What is Binnune Wireless Gaming Headset?

Binnune wireless gaming headset with microphone provides high-level performance for playing video games on a play station and PC.

In video games, sounds are not usually in MP3 format, making sound delay problem to be more obvious in wireless headphones, unlike wired headsets.

However, Binnune has improved in sound quality and in no time would become one of the best wireless gaming headsets in the world.

Reviews from verified purchases on Amazon are a testament to the quality of this wireless gaming headphone with a mic.


What are the Binnune Wireless Gaming Headset Specs?

The Binnune wireless gaming headphone offers extraordinary features compared to other gaming headsets in the same price range.  Some of these features include the following.

Binnune wireless gaming headset with microphone

  • Modern Design is driven by Comfortability

Binnune wireless gaming headset with mic is designed as chunky and thick with wide rounded ear cups.

There are two common models, BW01 and BW02 with similar features while Binnune wireless 2 has more advanced features.

Binnune ear cups are covered with a thick padding of faux leather to make them wearable for different ear sizes.

From the inside, the band is also covered with thick padding. This padding makes the headband extremely comfortable to wear for long hours.

The Binnune headset’s headband is made of thick and durable plastic. The headband also contains a thin Aluminium band that appears only when the headband is stretched.


  • High Performance

Binnune gaming headset offers its users a high performance with 2.4GHz wireless connectivity for a pro-level audio experience.

It also offers the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity for connecting mobile devices. You also have the option of going wired or wireless with the BW02 pro model.

The sound quality is excellent, and you don’t have to worry about a break in a connection or any lag in your wired headphone.


  • Hear Every Single Detail

Headset’s 50mm driver combined with 2.4G lossless connectivity allows users to hear critical and subtle game sounds.

In addition, this gaming headset’s top-notch sound quality allows you to hear every detail so that you don’t miss any shots.

It’s not only for gamers, if you’re offering customer service, but you may also want to have this on to communicate better, cancel noise, and deliver full audio quality.


  • Long Lasting Battery Life

Binnune gaming headset offers a long-lasting battery life of up to 2 days. This headset can also go into hibernation when you don’t speak for 10 minutes to save battery.

Binnune gaming headset also supports fast charging with a USB-C type port. A single full charge of the headset is ideal for playing video games and listening to music throughout the day.


  • Low Latency Wireless Gaming

Binnune 2 Pro features 38mms low latency to provide top-quality audio fidelity, much more than the other Bluetooth devices.

In addition, the sound is not synced during the games so that users can enjoy a lag-free immersive gaming experience.


  • Compatibility With Multiple Devices

Binnune gaming headset comes with a 3.5mm jack that is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, PC, VR, and Nintendo switch.

Also, it can be easily connected with Mac books and iPhones. Furthermore, the headset’s Bluetooth is also compatible with the Bluetooth of almost all mobile and laptop devices.