Adult Electric Bumper Cars: Specs and How-to-Use Tips

Electric bumper cars for adult sales near me

What are Electric Bumper Cars?

Electric bumper cars are one of the most popular and classic amusement park rides globally.

These electric bumper cars are suitable for passengers of all ages. However, electric bumper cars can be specially designed for toddlers, older children, and adults.

Electric ride-on bumper car for toddlers and adults is memorable as people love the thrill and joy that these cars give during bumping.

Bumping cars are also known as dashing cars and dodging cars. The designs of cars are gorgeous as high-quality LED lights are equipped in them.


Models and Types of Adult Electric Bumper Cars

There are different models of bumper cars for adults such as the Xixa 2000, Charlie 1936 French taxi, Proxima, Proxima Adv, Buggy, Sport 1, The tiger, Grand Prix, etc.

These models of electric bumper cars can be grouped into ceiling grid electric bumpers, also called sky net bumpers, and ground grid electric bumpers. The latter type is commonly used outdoors.

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Examples of electric bumper cars are ELEMARA, Flybar, BROAGE, INFANS, TOBBI, Costzon, and HONEY JOY bumper cars. These brands are some of the best makers of bumpers that offer different bumper cars in different capacities.

Adult electric bumper cars are not only used for amusement park rides, they can also be used in a shopping malls, and allow passengers of up to 10.

Electric bumper cars for adult sales near me

Specifications of Electric Bumper Cars for Adults

The primary specifications of the electric bumper cars are as follows:

  •       These cars come comfortable to handle and use finish
  •       It draws electric power from the floor or ceiling.
  •       It can be easily turned on or off by remote.
  •       These cars are ideally suitable for amusement parks, theme parks, shopping malls, sports, and residential zone.
  •       Bumper cars are developed by using professional techniques to provide high safety standards.
  •       The cars are made with corrosion-resistant environmental material.
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How Do Adult Electric Bumper Cars Work?

An electric bumper car made for children or adults is a self-control car that you can drive freely in the parking lot.

Bumper cars are very much liked by young people and children when colliding and dodging.

Electric bumper cars are safe to drive and equipped with safety belts to ensure every passenger’s security.

Examples of electric bumper cars for adults are UFO inflatable bumper cars,

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These cars are surrounded by a large rubber bumper extending the impact of force and diffusing collision forces.

This rubber bumper works on electricity, carried by a pole attached to the back of the car, thus, bumper cars run on electricity.

The pole that’s attached to the back of the car also leads to the wire grid in the ceiling of the ride. This wire grid moves the electrical energy that runs the car.


What Happens With the Drivers in Bumper Cars?

When the bumper cars collide with each other, the drivers feel a motion change in their bodies. Cars may stop or change their direction, but the drivers move in the same direction before colliding. It is essential to wear a safety belt while driving, as collisions with other cars can injure drivers.