How to save more Money with Living cost Calculators

How to manage family expenses and save more money

We tend to spend much when it’s available, thinking it would be like that forever.

Even billionaires of the world today adjust their spendings at one time or the other to meet the demands of their financial goals or other aims in life.

To manage your family finances, you need the best family budget planning tool to ensure proper budget management.

One of the financial tools you will need is With this tool, you will be able to plan money savings and investment, retirement, and loan repayment.

How to manage family expenses and save more money

For budget planning, open the tool, enter your net income for a specific period you would like to translate into a percentage.

The amount and percentage of your income you should spend on the following list will be calculated.

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Recreation
  • Savings
  • Gift
  • Personal etc

To further manage your spending, the opportunity cost tool will help to refresh your mind on the concept of opportunity cost.

It will help to cut off expenses on products and services that offer you less value and attract more expenses.

Simply calculate the costs of all expenses on unnecessary items you bought over a period, enter it.

You will get the forgone interest earnings, the Real cost of expenditure, and the value of savings after factoring in inflation.

You can also manage your monthly expenses by checking on your utility bill.  Energy consumption does have serious effects on your bill if you’re a low-income earner.

You can, therefore, use the appliance operating cost calculator the average cost per kilowatt, and the cost of operating those appliances at home.

This can help you to make alternative decisions on high energy-consuming products at home



Good budget finance app

It’s one of the best budget calculator app that helps you to keep track and manage your finances without the exorbitant price of employing a family/business budget planner.

It has real-time tracking, an easy-to-use interface, and synchronization across many devices.

This made it easy to share your budget with your business associates, lawyer, banker, or any other stakeholder in your business life in other to keep them on the same page.

There are different versions for computers, android phones, iPhone, iPad, and iPod which made the app ‘everywhere you go’.

The good-budget app is a good budget manager for daily, weekly bi-weekly, or monthly budget.

It enables you to plan your budget, stay on the budget, add transactions as you start executing them, and check your activities/report in illustrative charts that depict where you’ve spent much and where you’ve spent less.

Other things you can do with the application are the checking account balance, adding a new income source, and the income, searching for your transactions by category.

Also, you can view your budget in a specific timeframe, so also your expenses to find out other factors contributing to your budgeting and expenses.

For example, you can use it for a food budget, bill budget, and other household expenses or huge project like home building budget, taking out the pain in making records in the traditional budget book which your spouse can find it disgusting.

living cost tool to help save more money for investment

You can customize the app interface to your taste by changing the styles to make it more fascinating and enhance readability.

If you’re thinking of getting the best free household or business budget app for android, iPhone, or Mac, then GoodBudget is not going to disappoint you.

The web version of the budget app has fewer advanced features more than the mobile app; it enables you to download your transaction history to CSV.

While the app is free, you can get more features enabled such as synchronization to as many as five devices, unlimited Envelopes, access to up to five years of transaction history, and e-mail support for subscribers.

This app has helped a lot of people to control their spending habits and save more money based on the reviews we got from users and it was highly recommended by famous companies like Forbes, Boston Globe, Verizon Wireless, The New York Times, etc.

You can’t have a less good experience if you start using the Goodbudget app and it’s one of the best-shared budget apps for couples; lightweight with just 4.9MB size, 4.0 android version compatibility, and other higher versions.