Smart Tech Gadgets to use in your Home for Safety, Health and Comfort

As of 2019, there have never been so many new advancements in technology.

With more and more gadgets regularly being released, it can be difficult to keep track of new tech trends.

With crime taking new dimension everyday, high tech home improvement is now a focus. Not only for safety but also for comfort.

Starting from having a smart home design to building a house which can help reducing the rate of disasters and crime and to using home tech gadgets to deter burglars.

To help keep you in the loop, here’s a guide to some of the latest tech trends, unique gadgets in the market that you might find helpful to use in your home to prevent intruders, improve your health or enhance your comfort.


  • Smart lightbulbs

Smart lighting is one of the biggest home tech trends of recent years.

smart light bulb for home security

More people around the world are making the most of these technological advancements and using smart lighting in their homes.

Some of the popular ones are Eufy lumos, Cree connected LED bulb, C by GE starter pack, LIFX bulb etc, which you can buy on Amazon, Walmart or other reputable online store.

Not only does smart lighting make life easier, but it’s also more energy efficient, which is why a lot of property companies are starting to utilise this trend.

These smart light bulbs work with Google home, Alexa or switches and some use electricity while some don’t.

Liverpool based company RW Invest , for instance, offers a range of investment opportunities featuring smart lighting as a way to attract new investors to buy or let their properties and appeal to more tenants.


  • Video doorbell

Video doorbells are another home tech trend that’s growing more popular.

Unlike simple doorbells, these high-tech versions are linked to your smartphone. Some wireless video doorbells are with monitor.

When someone rings the bell, an alert gets sent to your phone notifying you that someone’s there, allowing you to directly speak to them via the speaker and microphone integrated into the doorbell device.

While this might not be worthwhile if you only have a small apartment or house, this device could be useful for those in larger homes who often don’t hear the regular doorbell.

Some best affordable ones are the August doorbell, Ring, Remobell, Bertrand Blink video doorbells.


  • High-tech scales

Forget your run of the mill bathroom scales — nowadays, there are precision digital bathroom scales that are intelligent enough to measure things like your weight, fat content, body water content, heart rate, and more.

Once you’ve weighed yourself, your results are then synced up with your smartphone to let you easily track your progress.

These high-tech smart scales can even recognise which family member is using them by analysing their specific weight, allowing multiple people to use them with ease.


  • Advanced air purifiers

Air purifiers are used to clean the air of toxins, but new advancements in technology allow them to go a step further.

These high-tech air purifiers use an advanced air purification process which monitors the air for any pollutants and automatically cleans the air without being prompted.

The advanced pure air can filter air from furnace, AC etc. These air filters have been so beneficial to allergic patients and smokers.

These air purifiers can help improve the health and wellbeing of homeowners and are even able to alert users if carbon monoxide or any other serious issues are detected.

You can get beat cheap air purifier online from your desired store.
Kindly check the review of past users to ascertain it’s working fine for most people.


  • Robot vacuums

If you’re not a fan of housework, then robot vacuum’s may be the perfect home tech gadget for you.

Robot vacuum’s move around rooms in the home, picking up all types of hair, dirt, or debris.

You can schedule the vacuum to clean your home at certain points in the day, or push a button as and when you wish for instant cleaning.

Some robot vacuum will clean and also mop your thick carpet or rug, some for hardwood and hard floors.

While these little gadgets can make life a lot easier, they do come with a hefty price tag, ranging as high as £899 for the most sophisticated devices.

Some of the popular ones are Neato, Deik, KOIOS, Eufy, iRobot and Roomba robot vacuum.