How to increase the Value of your House with Oak framed Extension

If you’re going to sell your house in the future, increasing its value as much as possible before you get somebody to value it is always a great idea.

This might make you think that you have to make loads of changes, but there is no reason for you to make such a wide range of changes.

While you do not want to spend more on the property than the increase in value, if you can increase the value of your property without spending a great deal, you should certainly do so.

There is one way in particular that you can increase the value of your property significantly and fairly quickly:

Creating an oak framed building to extend your home.


What is an oak framed building, and why will it add so much value to your home?

Although you might not have previously heard of or read about Oak framed buildings and wonder what it is.

It is fairly clear what oak framed buildings are; buildings that are constructed with oak as the main material, often framing the building itself.

While oak framed buildings aren’t usually made entirely from oak, oak certainly is one of the key parts of these buildings.

Oak is a timber that is more valuable than a lot of materials, which means that oak framed buildings can actually end up being quite costly.

You can ask a carpenter or engineer how much it will cost you per square metre or use online calculator to get the idea of the costs.

Ultimately, this means that oak framed buildings are worth more money than standard buildings.

Oak frames are used in contemporary house design for garage, kitchen and the rooms.

An oak framed building can come in many shapes and sizes, and it can have many uses.

If you want a space that you will be able to relax in, you could invest in an oak framed conservatory.

If you are looking for some more storage around your home, you could simply construct a building that is there to provide storage.

Perhaps you are looking for a new garage? You already know it: you can have an oak framed garage too!

Basically, there are a lot of interesting opportunities for you to look into.


Why does oak itself add value to a home?

There are many notable great things about it. One of it is that it’s going to add value to your home, regardless of the type of property it is or where the property is based.

No matter the current value of your home or where it is currently situated, you can add value to it with an oak extension.


Why is oak actually worth the amount that it is?

Oak is highly valuable and a fairly rare timber, which therefore means that the value of your property will quickly increase when you have an oak framed building.

This might make the procurement of materials for your extension more expensive than other materials that you could use for your new addition to your home.

However, it also means that the value of your property after your oak framed building is built will be far higher than it otherwise would be.



This article was written by Jack Mitchell with useful information from Paragon Oak.