TochCommerce Tech – Easing Advertising & Mobile Payment for better results

TouchCommerce has been in the news for its popular technology and for its big mergers.

So what is it all about?
TouchCommerce is a company which aids the pay for performance-based online conversion marketing solutions in the case of online customers who reside in the United States of America and in other international countries.

Pay for performance advertising is any form of advertising in which the advertiser is only charged when measurable action is taken on its advert.

Some types of this form of advertising are PPC, SMM, CPA, Email marketing etc.

For the online conversion, here is the platform RightTouch given by the TouchCommerce company.

It basically combines the content with the product recommendations and the feedback solutions given to the customers.

TouchCommerce technology includes management services as well as program optimization services.

This also combines the site optimization, voice-of-the-customer programs, program design, account management, program analytics, etc which helps in increasing customer engagement by giving direct access to the feedback provided by the customers.

In order to help with the customer satisfaction factor, TouchCommerce gives a customized online engagement experience which is delivered to the consumers of a given brand.

This is done with the help of the native text messaging app and also the TouchConnect technology.

These services are offered for the financial, hospitality, travel, cable, telecom and the retail industries.

The importance of digital marketing is that, you can easily plan your budget and possible yield before starting the campaign.

You can also test between different agencies and marketing platforms like AdWords, Facebook, Twitter and others.


Touchcommerce Technology and Mobile

The purchase of smartphones has increased in the last decade. More and more users are looking for a third-party service to use as a payment platform for mobile checkout.

Payments for various uses made through mobile is expected to increase further.

The fact that many platforms are hitting the market to support mobile payment, supports this scenario.

While the mobile checkout optimization might not have been explored fully and is still yet to go a long way, the mobile-based payment still continues to become one of the primary methods for transactions.

With the help of Touchcommerce, the use of technology in phones is enhanced.

This is achieved with the option of auto-populating the mobile checkout form.

With the help of the Touch Commerce technology, the users will be able to make a secured transaction.

This can be achieved even for the first-time payers who use a merchant’s app without logging into it.


TouchCommerce Technology for Shopping

TouchCommerce aims at making the transactions authorized with just a fingerprint option.

In the mobile shopping scenario, many shoppers browse often, but one a handful of them actually make a purchase.

This is in spite of the fact that the shopping activity seems to be higher in the mobile platform.

Even when users try to purchase something in the mobile, the transaction has chances to fail. This leads to a high cart abandonment rate.

There are several reasons why the customers are not following through with mobile shopping.

One can be that the screens of the mobile are very small and it makes the comparison while shopping difficult.

Also, there is slow navigation on the screens.

Apart from this, the details which are required to log in to a shopping site or to finally make a payment like a customer name, card details etc, are not easy to enter.

This encourages the customer to abandon the cart in the last minute.

TouchCommerce also aims at improving this process and making the mobile shopping experience much more engaging for the brands.

This may be a solution to the high cart abandonment problem.

The key focus of Touchcommerce technology is to work on the checkout process. This is expected to increase the numbers in mobile shopping.

When TouchCommerce is enabled along with the third-party applications, it will help in correcting most of the ugly experiences with the mobile shopping, including the final checkout.

TouchCommerce is working on minimizing the process to just a few touches on the screen.


Customer Engagement with TouchCommerce Technology

By giving the proper digital engagement, extraordinary results can be achieved.

TouchCommerce is able to do this by the combination of virtual assistants and human-assisted customer engagement programs in one single platform.

This will enable the brand to focus on one customer and give him the personalized message at the optimal time and across all platforms.

TouchCommerce is involved in innovative techniques which help to bring the online customer engagement, more customized.

This is expected to convert many leads for the big brands.

However, the focus right now is on retail customers where the aim to bring an experience to the customer which is close to the in-house shopping.