Torggler Origami Cool-Design Evolution Door is the Futuristic Folding Door to Come

Technology is absolutely changing the world we live and the old saying that “whatever a man’s mind can conceive, he can achieve it” is proven again by an Austrian, Klemens Torggler.

Torggler is a sculpting artist who never care much about doors before until he realized there’s no sliding door without a rail during house construction and this sprang the dream of the possibility of doors without rails.

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He has actually designed doors that have things in common with the conventional doors.

He has designed dozens of doors made with wood and glass in which they are patented.

He later worked on his special innovative door design which is celebrated as the evolution door, origami door or the revolution door.

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The outstanding cool door design is based on rotating squares without using rails. This is an alternative to the classic door, bank security vault doors in terms of construction cost, weight, price etc and to some other automatic doors with motion detectors, Klemens Torggler rotating flip-panel door can be rotated and easily slipped with a slight touch of your hand.

The revolution door is designed with four triangle segments (the flip panels) in which the origami is named after it because the door fold swiftly in sideways and the door is thus opened up and closed.

Another advantage of the door is that, the installation save space, its use do not generate noise and it’s adorable.

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Klemens Torggler, the innovative door designer had produced series of evolution doors such as the door made of glass, wood and steel in 212x108cm dimensions. These are model samples which are going to be developed and marketed in the future.



The futuristic door new system consists of two squares that bend in the middle while they rotate to open and close the door. It’s an artistic, hingeless folding door which can be used as interior room divider ( like the wooden folding doors) and as exterior door (especially the folding steel doors).

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Klemens’ evolution doors are in the following categories:The Rod System: This involves connecting two squares via steel rods that overlap.

The Epitrochoid curve system: The squares are connected via a wheel on a curved track.

Screen: The four squares are made to rotate from the front and back of a fixed centre point.

8 Panels System: This is a set of four panels that is divided into two sets of connected squares which rotate inwards.

The Triangle system: Here, the square panels are split into two triangles that fold inwards as the origami door opens and closes.

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If you want to learn how to make Klemens Torggler evolution door, revolutionary door design based on rotating squares and triangles, you can take a look at the “Wiener Art Foundation” in the Prater Street and you can also follow Torggler YouTube channel and watch DIY videos of the door and its plans.

He also intend to commercialize the door making in order to produce in large quantities as production cost, both in time and material resources are responsible for the current price, not publicly published but usually between the range of $3,500 to $4,500 (that’s for the woodenly made evolution door, it can either be higher or lower depending on the materials used and quality).