Serviced Apartment Accommodation: Features to look out for and Benefits

Serviced apartments accommodation is very popular here in the UK, usually built for commercial purpose.

Some have even converted their flats to micro serviced apartments for rent on short or long term or sale.

Dragon, Saco, Premier suites, Staybridge suites, The Spires, Jurys Inn, Aparthotel Adagio, Touchstone are some of the popular players in the serviced accommodation business in Birmingham.

Using either a rotunda or big serviced apartment for your business activities can be awesome but you want to ensure that you are staying in pleasant, high-quality accommodation.

If you choose not to stay in accommodation of a certain quality, the potentially bad experience can end up tarnishing the positive experience that you have otherwise enjoyed.

Leeds and Birmingham are home to a variety of truly beautiful serviced apartments, all offering a level of comfort and service that is virtually unparalleled elsewhere.

You are sure to feel right at home as soon as you arrive at your serviced apartment.

What is it that makes serviced apartments so fantastic



If a hotel offered you more room in a hotel room without any additional cost, would you take them up on their offer?The majority of people would.

One of the key reasons that serviced apartments are as popular as they are is the fact that they are spacious.

Typically, you can expect a serviced apartment to be significantly larger than a common hotel room.

Often, a serviced apartment will be at least double the size of an average hotel room.

Whether you are in Leeds for a vacation or a business trip, a lack of space is sure to disappoint you.

With a serviced apartment, especially a Chambers serviced apartment, you never give yourself the opportunity to be disappointed by a lack of space as the apartments are really spacious.


Fully-equipped kitchen

Regardless of how long you will be stopping for, it is not unfair on your part to want more than just a bed during your stay.

While a hotel offers simply a bed, serviced apartments typically include far more than just a bed, such as a fully-equipped kitchen.

When your hire a serviced apartment from a reputable company, your apartment should come with a fully-equipped kitchen that is almost certain to meet all of your needs.

The fully-fitted kitchen should feature a fridge, freezer, oven, microwave, toaster, kettle, pots and pans, cutlery, and various other kitchen essentials.


Utilities room

Depending how long you are going to be stopping in their and away from home, chances are you will need to do some washing and ironing at some point.

If you are stopping in a hotel, you likely have no chance of doing either of these things without paying extra for the chance.

Some people do not see the need for a utilities room when they are stopping away from home.

They might be content with waiting until they get home to wash all their things, or they might be willing to spend excessive amounts to use the local laundrette.

However, we believe that you should have access to the necessities when you are stopping with a good serviced accommodation business where you will have access to utilities cupboard featuring the essentials whenever you need them.

If you’re planning service apartment business, make sure you consider these factors in your business plan before making your investment.

Some of these will even help in legal requirements and licensing your apartments for such business.

Get proper training and make sure the experiences are worthwhile for your clients.



This article was written by Jack Mitchell with useful information from More than just a bed.