Types of Floor Lamp with Chain Pull and their Features

Floor Lamp with Pull Switch Design

What is Pull Chain Floor Lamp?

A pull-chain floor lamp is any floor lamp with a pull-cord switch fixture. The lamp is seated on the floor to provide light in your bedroom or living.

The chain pull, pull switch, or light pull is used to put the lamp on and off, and adjust the brightness level.

Floor lamp with chain pull fixture is designed in different styles, from traditional design to modern design, and using different materials such as plastic, metal, or wood.


Types of Floor Lamp with Chain Pull

Floor lamps with chain pulls can be categorized according to design, such as the traditional or modern floor lamps with remote, usage; usage, such as the floor lamp with pull chain for living room or bedroom, materials used etc.

There are several types of floor lamps with a pull switch feature, and the commonest ones would be discussed below.

When choosing a floor lamp with a chain pull, you should also consider the kind of lighting you need, the decor of your room, and your taste.

Floor Lamp with Pull Switch Design

Traditional Floor Lamp with Chain Pull

The old-designed floor lamp with chain pull is still a common type of floor lamp in the market today.

This old type features a long, slender stand, a wide base for lamp stability, and a classic lamp shade that directs light downwards.

An example is the Brightech Hudson Floor Lamp with a simple fabric shade.


Modern Floor Lamp with Pull Switch

These floor lamps with contemporary design and style feature a sleek, minimalist look with straight lines and simple shapes.

Modern floor lamps with pull chain use energy-efficient LED bulbs to provide bright, directional light compared to traditional floor lamps that consume more electric energy.

An example of a modern-designed floor lamp with a pull cord switch is the Globe Electric Holden Floor Lamp.

It features a black metal finish and a clear glass shade, and it’s easy to control the brightness of the light with the pull switch.


Arc Floor Lamp with Pull Cord

The Arc floor lamp features a long, curved arm that extends outwards from their base. It allows the lampshade to hang over a specific area.

An example of the Arc floor lamp with a pull switch is the Akira 3 which features 3 adjustable arms that can be moved north and south to change the angle of the light.


Adjustable Floor Lamp with light Pull

Some of the floor lamps mentioned above have adjustable arms, however, any floor lamp with this feature can be regarded as this type.

The adjustable arm can be moved up and down to change the angle of the lamp light.

Adjustable lamps are good when you need to focus the direction of the light to a specific location such as when you’re reading or working on a particular spot in the dark.

An example of the floor lamp type is the Franklin Rustic Farmhouse Floor Lamp. It has a rustic design with a metal cage shade and an adjustable arm.


Torchiere Floor Lamp with Chain Pull

The torchiere floor lamp is designed to direct light upwards, creating a soft, diffuse glow in your living room or bedroom.

An example of a Torchiere floor lamp with chain pull is the Brightech Sky LED lamp which features a sleek, modern design with a dimmable LED light.


Tree Floor Lamp with Chain Pull

Tree floor lamp with pull-cord switch features multiple light sources branching off of a central stem.

It offers better light coverage in your room, and each light on the lamp may have its chain pull, making it easy to adjust the brightness level and the direction of each light source on a single lamp.

An example of a tree floor lamp is the Adesso Bowery 3-Arm arc lamp.



Floor lamps with chain pulls are usually used to add to the aesthetics of your rooms, especially the bedroom. It can also be used as a decorative element to your event or for any lighting purpose in public or private space.

If you want to purchase a floor lamp with a pull-cord switch, you should consider the quality of the lamp, the purpose of having it, the height of the lamp, the style and color of the lamp shade, the light bulb,  the brightness level, and the overall design and features of the lamp.

Also, it’s important to make sure the floor lamp and its chain pull mechanism are durable and easy to use since the chain pull is the feature you’re going to use to control most of the features of the lamp.

You should also comply with the instructions in the manual, install the lamp properly, use the appropriate wattage of the light bulb, and replace any damaged component with the right one.