Rain Chain (Kusari doi) Drainage Ideas to Implement in your House

Creative rain chain drainage system ideas

What is Rain Chain Drainage?

Rain chains are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional downspouts for draining rainwater from roofs.

Rain chains are native to Japan, and are also known as Kusari doi. They are often made of interlocking metal cups or chains that guide the rainwater down to a basin or collection system.

While rain chain drainage ideas are primarily used for their beauty and design, they also offer a functional solution for directing rainwater away from the foundation of a building and preventing water damage.


Rain Chain Drainage System Ideas

There are many creative and effective ways to incorporate rain chain drainage ideas into your drainage system.

Use of Rain Barrels

A modern rain chain can be designed to hang from the gutter of the roof to direct rainfall through the chain to the floor.

Installing a rain barrel at the end of a rain chain can collect and store rainwater for future use in watering plants or washing cars.

Redirecting Rainwater

Instead of directing rainwater into a conventional gutter system, it can be redirected into a dry creek bed or a landscape pond for aesthetic and environmental benefits.

Rain chains can be used to make a fountain in your compound by incorporating a basin and pump into the rain chain design to reuse rainfall.

The rain chain can also be in tiers by attaching more than one basin at different levels to collect and redistribute the rainwater.

Creative rain chain drainage system ideas

Incorporating Planters

Adding planters along the rain chain can help absorb excess water and slow down the flow, reducing erosion.

You can attach small cups or planters to the chains. It is the main part of rain chain drainage ideas and helps to retain moisture in the soil.

Use of Permeable Pavers

By using permeable pavers in areas where rain chains are located, rainwater can penetrate the ground and recharge the groundwater table.

Implementing Green Roofs

Green roofs can be a great solution for reducing rainwater runoff and preserving the local water table.

They consist of a layer of plants and soil on top of a flat roof, which absorb and filter rainwater.


Applying Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are shallow depressions in the ground that are filled with plants and soil.

They are designed to absorb rainwater and reduce runoff, preventing it from reaching the sewer system.


Creating Rainwater Harvesting Systems

By installing rainwater harvesting systems, rainwater can be collected and stored for later use in non-potable applications like irrigation and washing.


Installing Rain Chain Extensions

Rain chain extensions can be added to existing rain chains to increase their length and enhance their ability to manage larger volumes of rainwater.


Using Rain Chains with Underground Drain Systems

Integrating rain chains with underground drain systems can effectively manage rainwater runoff and prevent basement flooding.


Incorporating Decorative Elements

Rain chains can be decorated with various materials, such as copper, stainless steel, or even glass, to add an aesthetic element to a property while also serving a functional purpose.


Install Check Valves

Check valves can be installed at the end of the rain chain to prevent backflow and protect against basement flooding.


Implement Rain Sensor Technology

Rain sensor technology can be integrated into rain chain systems to automatically control the flow of water and prevent overflow during heavy rainfall.


Add Splash Blocks

Splash blocks can be placed at the end of a rain chain to disperse rainwater and prevent soil erosion.


Use of Rain Chain Filters

Rain chain filters can be added to remove debris and prevent clogging, providing a smooth flow of water through the rain chain system.


Incorporate Rain Chain Maintenance

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and tightening connections, can help extend the life of the rain chain system and ensure its effectiveness in managing rainwater.



Rain chain drainage ideas offer a versatile and beautiful solution for draining rainwater from roofs.

Incorporating a rain chain into your drainage system can not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also provide practical benefits such as reducing water damage and conserving water.

Consider these innovative ideas when designing your rain chain drainage system.