What to Know before Buying Headphones

Qualities of good headphones

If you use gadgets with a sound system, definitely you’d like to use headphones sometimes.

Over the years, the market has experienced outstanding growth due to more use of sophisticated devices like mini-computers, smartphones, and other devices.

However, companies that are producing these headphones are coming up with innovations every day, making it difficult sometimes to know the type of headphones you should buy.

There are 3 types of headphones; in-ear, Over-ear, and On-ear headphones, when you classified them according to how you use them on the ear. We’ve wireless and Bluetooth headphones.

Some other varieties are behind-the-neck, Intra concha earphones, supra-aural, canal earphones, etc. Here, I’m using headphones and earbuds interchangeably.

The different technologies driving these products and the different features could make one find it a little difficult to choose the one that suits oneself.

You will also need to consider things such as price and durability so that you avoid breaking the bank. Some of the things to consider are the following:

Qualities of good headphones


There are different types of ear, so the earbuds fit better on or in-ear more than one another.

The headsets come in different designs. Among those are the ear cupping style and the in-ear bud type as well as the ear hugging type.

You should know what makes you feel okay before going for it and if you’re buying it in a physical store, you may want to try it on your ear if allowed.


Sound Quality

Personal preference determines what you want here. Is it headphones with good bass sound quality, is it of high quality.

You may want to stereo test to make sure that you’re not only getting a good earbud/headphone but the best one.

Sometimes you will find headphones that look good but are not good with the sound quality.

However, if you are someone who prefers good sound quality over the good look of the earphone, then you will not care about its attractiveness.

The main purpose is to get good sound quality that makes you feel really good especially if you’re using it to listen to music.



Price is always a factor when considering buying any commodity. As for earbuds or headphones, low-price earbuds are usually made with poor materials and don’t usually last long.

Brands producing them are not also popular but if you can invest more dollars into buying quality headphones from ‘known’ brands, you’ll get what you paid for.


The impedance of the headphone

Impedance simply means the ratio of sound pressure to the volume flow rate. This means that you should check the impedance of your audio device and buy headphones within the range of the impedance of your sound device.

This ensures the quality output of the sound when it’s transmitted to the headphone.



You must make sure that you choose the headphone type that’s carriable and foldable. This will help in keeping it properly after use.

You will also be able to pack it well in your bag or luggage when you go out or travel respectively.

You should choose headphones with the standard size so that they would be able to fit into your pocket.

You want to be able to use them on radios and phones and as well as on your TV sets.

You will not have to be changing your headset for use on every different device.

Headphone technology is advanced so they can function with all types of devices.

It does not matter whether it is an audio device such as a radio or a video device such as a DVD player, they’ll be compatible. This brings about convenience.