Qwertykeys QK65 Keyboard: A Blend of Affordability and Aesthetic Appeal

Qwertykeys QK65 custom keyboard

What is Qwertykeys QK65 Keyboard?

Qwertykeys is a brand that produces high-quality custom keyboards at affordable prices.

The sister company of the well-known Owlab brand has gained popularity for creating exceptional keyboards in recent times.

The popular keyboards by Qwertykeys are the Jelly Epoch, Mr. Suit, and QK65 keyboards.

Qk65 is a custom mechanical keyboard in the 65% size or category. 65% keyboard means it’s a small size, usually, the layout is 65 percent of the standard computer keyboard.


Qwertykeys QK65 Keyboard Review

In this post, I’m going to explore the features of the QK65 keyboard, and why you should get one for yourself.

This keyboard competes directly with other popular options like Keychron Q2 and Meletrix Zoom65, offering a compelling blend of features, aesthetics, and value for customers.

Qwertykeys QK65 custom keyboard

QK65 Specs

QK65 keyboard comes in 320mm x 115mm x 19.5mm LWH, and 7.5° angle. The keyboard weighs about 1.5kg or 3 pounds) and around 1.82kg or 4 pounds after the build.

QK 65 keyboard body is made with aluminium material while customers have Plate Options between FR4, PC, POM, or Aluminium.

While most users prefer a hot-swappable 65 percent keyboard, Qwertykeys still offer PCB Options between Hot-swappable and Solder.

Connectivity is wired only (Type-C), a minus if you’re looking for a wireless keyboard to use with your computer device.


Accessories that come with QK65

QK65 R2 keyboard comes with an array of accessories such as a cable and a hard shell carrying case for easy portability.

In the package, you can find the following accessories.

  • QK65 Pre-assembled case (including CNC top, die-casted bottom case, and PVD
  • QK65 bag to carry your keyboard
  • Gaskets (jackets and socks)
  • Qwertykeys USB-C coiled cable
  • Rubber case feet
  • A set of Owlstabs 80% stabilizers
  • PCB
  • PE sheet
  • Poron PCB foam
  • Customized-molded Silicone dampener
  • Poron Case foam
  • Plate
  • Tri-head screwdriver


QK65 Design

The QK65 keyboard is top-notch when it comes to its build quality and design.

Opting for the QK65 proves worthy for those who value quality design.

The QK65 boasts a premium-looking matte finish with smooth anodization, reminiscent of Owlab’s higher-end Mr. Suit keyboard.

Also, this keyboard offers various back weight options to suit individual preferences, adding to its visual appeal.

While missing numpad, some internal parts in the R1 version are minus, they have been designed in such a way as to cut costs.

Overall, the QK65 keyboard maintains a premium and stylish appearance, making it stand out from entry-level alternatives.


VIA Support

The QK65’s support for VIA is essential for enhancing productivity on a 65% keyboard. VIA allows for customized key functions, making tasks more efficient.

For example, users can remap keys like ‘Delete’ and ‘Backspace’ to their preference or create useful shortcuts, such as Fn + Arrow Down for volume reduction. VIA can be conveniently downloaded from its GitHub page.


Typing Experience

Qwertykeys has provided users with numerous options for customizing their typing experience.

Different foam options and two types of gaskets enable users to achieve the desired sound profile.

For instance, using the PE sheet results in a marbly sound reminiscent of the Jelly Epoch.

The addition of bottom case foam enhances the typing sound, eliminating hollowness and reverb from the switching bottoming out.

Flex in the keyboard is not visually apparent due to the soldered USB port on the PCB, but the gasket socks allow for a degree of flex.

The typing experience remains gentle and non-bouncy, appealing to users who prefer a responsive yet stable feel.



QK65 keyboard is priced between $240 to $280 on top online stores. For this price, you have the option to choose an Anodised case with a hot-swap PCB.

This puts the QK65 in direct competition with the Keychron Q2 at around $220, and Meletrix Zoom65 at around $270.



In this price range and the features, the QK65 custom keyboard is a smart choice to make.

With its unparalleled design, build quality, and customizable features, it outshines direct competitors.

For those who prioritize aesthetics and value, the QK65 provides an attractive proposition.

If your budget allows, and a knob isn’t a necessity, the QK65 emerges as one of the best aluminum keyboards offering exceptional value for money.