Angel 65 Percent Keyboard Features and Review

Angel 65 mechanical keyboard features

What is a 65 Percent Keyboard?

65 percent keyboard is a smaller size computer input device that is 65% of the standard computer keyboard.

This type of keyboard is not new but more brands that are into computer accessories now produce this small-size physical keyboard as it’s getting popularity.

65% of computer keyboards are portable and compact, and feature only the most used keypads on standard keyboards, therefore, they usually have between 65 keys and 68 keys.

Angel 65 mechanical keyboard features

Angel 65 Percent Keyboard

Angel is a popular computer brand that is well known for kids’ educational aids, kids’ computers, writing and learning tools, and toys.

Angel also produces a top-notch 65% keyboard that is designed to give you an incredible typing experience.

If you want a smaller keyboard without losing many functionalities, this is a good option. Here are the specs of the Angel 65 keyboard.


Angel 65% Keyboard Specs

Compact size and layout

One of the coolest things about this keyboard is its compact 65% layout. As I said earlier, Angel 65 percent of keyboards are smaller than traditional full-size keyboards.

However, the number pads and function row are removed to reduce the size, but you can still find the main alphanumeric keys, and arrow keys, and you would be able to use short key functions.

The keyboard also boasts a standard ANSI/ISO layout, making it a breeze to use if you’re already familiar with that setup.

This 65 percent keyboard is a balance between functionality and compact size.


Design and features

The keycaps are made from high-quality materials, making them super durable and long-lasting.

Also, they’re designed to be easy to read, even in dim lighting conditions.

To compensate for the missing keypads, you can use a “function” or “FN” layer that allows you to access media controls, function keys, and other secondary functions through key combinations.

Angel 65 percent of keyboards usually have dedicated arrow keys, which can be useful for productivity and gaming.



The Angel 65% Keyboard is wired, which is a big plus. It ensures a reliable and stable connection.

This is very important for gamers and professionals who type like lightning.

No more worrying about lag or delays between keystrokes, unlike some wireless keyboards.

Also, it is equipped with mechanical switches to provide a satisfying typing experience and improved durability compared to membrane-based keyboards.



Angel 65% Keyboard is the bomb! It is highly portable and can easily fit into your backpack or laptop bag.

If you’re after a high-quality, functional, and stylish keyboard, this one’s worth considering.

It’s just the right size if you prefer a more streamlined design but still want all the necessary keys.

It’s also swappable, meaning that you can easily swap out the switches, and customize it to use preference without any soldering hassles.