Matco Tool Box: Storage Solution for Engineers & Technicians

How to use Matco Toolboxes

Matco Storage Solution

Matco, once a subsidiary of Mac Tool, is a tech brand that produces high-quality commercial boxes and storage solutions.

Matco is now co-owned by Vontier Corporation, Danaher Corporation and Vontier Corporation, diversified industrial companies located in the US.

Matco has also partnered with Milwaukee Tool and others to combine resources and produce more robust products in the market.

This series of partnerships has made Matco to offer a wide range of tool storage solutions, including toolboxes, workbenches, and cabinets.

Also, the company produces a range of hand tools, power tools, and diagnostic equipment.

How to use Matco Toolboxes

Specs of Matco Tool Boxes

Matco is one of the best brands of toolboxes and Matco Tool box is one of the strongest storage boxes made for engineers and technicians in the automotive, aviation, and industrial sectors.

Most of their boxes offer innovative features, such as the Power Drawer, which provides power and USB ports for charging tools and devices.

Vintage matco tool boxes, Matco 80s series tool boxes, and others are available and sold through a network of distributors and franchisees across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

You can also buy used matco tool box in local tool shops near you. However, the company offers a lifetime warranty on new toolboxes and storage solutions only.

While Matco would not buy back you old toolbox, you can return it to their distributor for repair or replacement, provided it’s in terms with the warranty.

Matco Tool Box also offers customized tool storage solutions, allowing customers to design their own unique storage solutions to fit their specific needs.


How to use Matco Tool Box?

Matco Tool Box has a strong presence in the automotive industry, sponsoring professional race car drivers and teams, and even producing custom toolboxes for NASCAR drivers.

Using Matco toolboxes is not difficult. Make sure you get the size you need for your work. There are a range of toolboxes with different sizes, designs, and features.

Open the box and arrange your tools, sort and organize them neatly in the box.

You can group similar tools together to be able to pick easily without disarranging the items.

There are designated compartments and drawers in the toolbox to store your tools.

Also, place tools you often use on the top, where they’re easily accessible for a quick job.

After using the box, lock it to secure your tools, prevent loss, theft, or damage.

You should clean the box once in a while depending on use to keep it clean and in good condition.

Matco tool box is made with metals so you can just wipe it damp cloth, lubricate the moving parts, check the locks and latches for proper function, but don’t wash it.

You should also keep your Matco tool box dry in a place with low humidity.