Types of Customer Service Jobs Online

Types of customer service jobs online

There are different kinds of customer service jobs you can do from home with your internet connectivity.

For you to understand what to apply for, customer service jobs online are divided into the following typical areas of responsibility.

  • Processing customer inquiries by phone, email, or chat
  • Complaint processing and Management
  • Providing information about invoice requests, products, prices, or tariffs
  • Document concerns in the database

Customer inquiries Processing Jobs

The first category is customer inquiries processing via phone call, email, or live chat, and here are the jobs available.

Live Chat Agent

A live chat agent is saddled with the responsibility to provide immediate support to a potential customer or existing customer.

This kind of support is provided over live chat on the company’s website.

Most customers prefer to send inquiries via a live chat since it’s almost automatic.

Since there are more people using live chat, the demand for live chat agents has increased and there are offers available on the internet.

As an agent, you’ll need to consider your home environment and ensure there will be no distractions before you apply for this kind of job.

Your internet connection should be strong and should be able to type fast and process queries quickly.

Most times, customers like to confirm details about the product or service they want to pay for.

You’ll often be online to help these customers with their questions while they want to patronize your company.

Call Center Agent

Remote customer service representatives are also given the task to receive inquiries from customers via phone call.

You can work as a call center agent in the comfort of your home.

Although call centers are still in use, it’s better for most businesses to have the tasks handled by remote workers from the comfort of their homes.

The call line will be forwarded to them to enable them to fulfill their obligations.

Types of customer service jobs online

Complaint Processing and Management

The following are the online customer support jobs for processing customers’ complaints.

Customer Support Rep

There is a clear difference between a customer support rep and a customer service rep.

A customer service representative call-up the data of existing customers and reach out to them about new products and services, discount, promo, news, etc, while customer support reps only respond to customer questions.

A customer support rep can work remotely provided the company strengthens the communication system between the administrators and the workers.

A customer support rep is to fulfill the obligation to answer queries about products and services and provide suitable products or services to the customers.

A customer service rep can work via different support channels as it’s not limited to chat or phone calls.

Before you apply for this kind of job, you need access to a phone and WiFi and a quiet environment.


Information about Product, Price, tariffs

The jobs in this category are created to improve customers’ satisfaction

Customer Success Manager

The customer success manager helps the customers on how best they can use the products they’ve purchased.

A remote customer success manager can provide explainer videos and training to a wide range of customer types.

He helps customers to see the values in the products and services offered by the company.

He also relates to customers better to understand their wants and provide recommendations.