Publiseer Co-Founder -Chidi Nwaogu talks about Enrepreneurship

How publiseer was formed by Chidi Nwaogu and co
About 9ja Boi and LAGbook
My entrepreneurial journey started when I was a teenager, about just sixteen years.
Then I co-founded 9ja Boi Interactive, a  company that’s into video game development.
We combined Artificial intelligence and gamification to help the young ones in learning the concept of global warming and to understand its significance to the ecosystem.
Most importantly, to mitigate global warming to build a better living environment.
At about nineteen years, I co-founded another tech startup company – LAGbook. This is a social network that attracted more than one million registered members within three years we developed it.
It was later acquired by Gulf Pearl Ltd, a Canadian tech company. We then moved to another project.
Today, we’ve built a team of young professionals who work every day in their best capacity to make our work stand out, be its best, and even attract more fans.
How publiseer was formed by Chidi Nwaogu and co
About Publiseer
With my brother, we Co-founded Publiseer digital media, a platform that helps creative African writers, Song Artists, and filmmakers get their works published to attract a global audience.
We publish, protect, promote and monetize their content on over 400 partner stores in 100 countries without any budget from them.

At Publiseer, we discover local African talents and provide them a platform to help them promote what they love doing.

Publiseer handles the tedious work in transforming their creativity into wealth for them and to help them earn and live beyond a low-class citizen.
  • We design professional book covers for authors and get unique ISBNs.
  • We offer standard book editing and formatting
  • We offer EPUB file conversion for easy distribution
  • We get them worldwide book distribution on popular online such as like Amazon, Apple iBooks, Google Play
  • Books, Barnes and Noble, and many more.
For artists, the expectation isn’t less.
  • We distribute the songs submitted across popular online music stores like Google Play Music, Deezer, Spotify,  Apple iTunes, Shazam, Amazon, and several others
  • We also get them free professional cover art, music remastering, unique UPC number, and FLAC file conversion for easy distribution at no cost.
For filmmakers,
  • We get them worldwide video-on-demand distribution via popular online platforms. Some of them are TubiTV, NetFlix, Vudu, Steam, Vimeo On Demand, Shudder, Hoopla, and others.
  • We also offer FLV file conversion for easy distribution at no cost
We have helped over three thousand African creatives make over $150,000. We also partnered with International Publishers Association (UAE) and the International Publishing Distribution Association (Madrid)
How Revenue is generated
Each time we sell a unit of any of the work distributed, be it audiobook, song, music video, and feature film, we take 25% of the profit realized.
Our authors can monitor the sales of their work across all stores we distributed to, using our centralized dashboard.
They are also able to get their royalties to their local bank account or mobile money wallet.
We want to see more great works by Africans on international and well-established platforms, and this is the reason we’re building Publiseer, a platform that will make this happen.
How we connect with Creative
Many creatives use social networks like Twitter, FB, Linkedin, Instagram to promote their work to potential customers because it’s easy, free, and effective when you run the campaign.
Therefore, we use the above-mentioned social media utilities to reach out to creatives who are looking for new avenues to share, promote and monetize their works.
We run several organic and paid social media campaigns, targeted towards writers, music artists, and filmmakers.
Also, we have been extensively covered by the media, mostly blogs and social sites, and this is because we have maintained a very good relationship with social influencers and bloggers over the years.
Social influencers also keep in touch with us on every new milestone we reach and report it on their page.
Each time we accept authors, artists, or filmmakers on our platform, We take care of the publishing work from start to finish.
We also handle distribution, promotion, and sales. Creatives only have to sit back and get their royalties in an easy and risk-free medium.