How to Read Weather conditions of any City on Phone

What’s weather forecast?
Weather forecasting is the prediction of the weather condition of a geographical location in a time frame using science and technology, and computer applications by meteorologists (those who study weather conditions). This is a simple definition, there are different methods of carrying out forecast and their importance in our daily life.


Weather conditions affect businesses

Farmers, fishermen, drivers, sailors, aviators and other pilots all benefited from one form of weather and the other and weather conditions affect individuals, from business men to consumers.

We all want to know what time it is going to today, tomorrow and even next week whenever we are in the rainy season, how long it is going to rain and when it is going to stop so that we know when to drive out from home and come back to avoid those bad weather conditions while driving and also, in other to know how to go about our office work for the day.

There are government and private firms such as media companies that carry out weather forecasts but how do you ensure you don’t miss these forecasts by getting daily weather forecast text messages, emergency weather alerts for your area, either in the morning, afternoon or night.

That’s why experts have employed technology, invested in coding to developing android, iPhone, ipad apps they could plug into their weather forecasts on their system.


Weather forecast applications

Do you care to know what was the weather condition like in the morning, what the temperature is going to be for the day or tomorrow, or live forecast of the weather condition outside right now.

The following are some of the most accurate weather apps for android, iPhone or other smartphone. Some of them are the best free to download weather apps you can get for your Samsung galaxy s and androids.

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YAHOO WEATHER APP It is one of the most accurate free weather app for you. It is developed by a popular US internet service company, YAHOO INC.

It is one of the best free to download app to get live weather forecast everyday, from Monday, Tuesday through to Saturday and even Sunday.

It reports the current weather conditions, rain, snow fog, temperatures in different areas, especially in USA and what the condition supposed to be in other days.

Yahoo weather app also brings forecasts based on hourly, five days and ten days time-frame, forecasts pressure, precipitation, wind and other severe weather conditions for agriculture, fishermen, drivers, building construction workers and for other business activities.

It’s easy to track the weather conditions of different cities in America and compare the atmosphere with left-and-right swipe on your phone screen.

You can check when and where it is going to snow today and news on the possibility of snow next week or anytime in the year.

You can also read daily weather update on Yahoo website and also subscribe to weather report.

The Yahoo weather app is compatible with android phones with over 20 languages, feature nice home-screen widget, responsive alert system that keep users informed in the changes in weather conditions real-time throughout the day.

Yahoo weather app has received over twenty million downloads from Google play store only, which is rear on most weather apps. No doubts, it’s one best free to use weather app.


This is one of the best premium and most accurate free weather app, developed by AccuWeather inc.

AccuWeather free app is well known for its minute cast and It has almost everything you could need in weather reports.

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It has one of the most reliable hourly weather forecast with detailed information and predictions that cover up to three weeks, animated radar maps, professional video forecast with exact geographical location.

AccuWeather app can be downloaded and easily installed on android, iPhone, ipad, Samsung and also the widget can be used on desktop computer on windows OS.

It can track your street code and supply information on your immediate environment with real-time forecast like yahoo weather app.

If you’re in Chicago or  New York for example, you can get to know how fast the wind is blowing outside right now in your location or the wind direction tomorrow in your place and other places.

You don’t have to worry again, whether it’s going to rain, how long the present rain going to take and when it’s gonna stop or may be there’s going to be snow, storm or every where is going to be foggy.

AccuWeather app has come to play to knock out these challenges with forecasts that tell you what will happen for the day with easily readable charts where you can read trends even without been a chartist.

Importance of weather forecast can not be overestimated in this present time when we experience more severe weather conditions like hurricanes, heat and cold waves, tornadoes, earthquakes, ice Storm, windstorm, flood that cause damage to lives and properties and affect businesses, leading to loss of dollars to aviators, food growers and others.

You will get weather information on the app notification bar and alerts quick alerts
on serious weather change or conditions that could be disastrous to human lives and buildings.

AccuWeather seems to be the best as it’s capable to track weather reports globally , with over twenty-five countries currently on the ‘map’ both in Europe and Asia.

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It also serve weather news and video which not only available in English but also in Spanish and other thirty languages.

Before going out, I like to know what the weather is supposed to be like for the day, have idea of what the high temperature is likely to going to be

This can be achieved with AccuWeather forecasting system which analyzes different weather factors to determine the intensity of its effects on human body and the accuracy of thunderstorms prediction.

You can get the free version
FREEMIUM VERSION while the version, platinum and professional plus costs about $3 or more and it has been downloaded over 70,000,000 times from Google play store alone.

Other good weather apps and weather forecasting services are also listed below:

  • 1Weather.
  • National Weather Service
  • GO Weather Forecast and Widgets.
  • Local Weather Widget and Forecast
  • MyRadar Weather Radar.
  • Dark Sky


Google Assistant: GOOGLE NOW APP 
Google Now has been supplanting a considerable measure of things on Android smartphone and climate is one of them.

The application will send you intermittent weather overhauls, climate alarms, and you can even request the climate and it will indicate you. Opening Google Now quite often puts the climate right on top so you can readily see it.

It’s not a devoted weather application which implies a considerable measure of elements, however this is an awesome choice for individuals who as of now utilize Google weather widget.

You can add the shortcut to your home screen and access weather instantly from your home screen.

The Google weather frog widget is a nice initiative and you just have to try it.

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