How to Clean your Car Interior at Home

How to detail your car interior like a pro

How to Wash Car Interior?

Washing the interior of your car is a little different from washing the exterior, but you’re going to need almost the same materials to wash both the interior and the exterior of your car at home.

You’d need 1 to 2 buckets of water, 2 pieces of microfiber cloth, 1 bottle of car wash spray, a scrub brush, a sponge, and a vacuum with attachments.

Here’s the way you can wash your car interior seats, roof, carpets, windows, etc., step by step.


Park out unwanted items

First, remove all the items you do not need from your car, this way, you’d be able to remove deep dirt from your car.

If you have a lot of plastic materials in your car, then mud can build up quickly, therefore, remove them and other things you can detach from the car.

How to detail your car interior like a pro

Clean the ventilation System of the Car

While there are car ventilation cleaning services, you can clean your car AC vent with the right cleaning brush, vent, and duct cleaner yourself.

To clean the vents mold, leaves, and smell from your car system, close all the air vents and turn the ignition.

Next, set the speed of your fan to the highest then open the vents one after the other to clear out the dust and dirt with a dust brush, and if you don’t have one, you can use a broom.

Then, you can use an enzymatic disinfectant spray on the vents to kill the bacteria, mold, and fungi on them, and the smell will stop.

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Restore your Dashboard Shine

There are cleaning products for your car dashboard you can purchase at relevant store. You can also have your homemade dashboard cleaner.

Mix isopropyl alcohol and water in the same volume in a spray bottle, and apply it on your car dashboard.

You can also clean your car dashboard naturally with a mix of white vinegar, mineral oil, baby oil or olive oil, dish soap and warm water.

Then, clean it with a baby wipe or soft fabric, and you can do the same on other hard surfaces in the car like the glove box and others.

In this way, you can restore your dashboard shine. Also, using car dashboard polish that contains various natural and chemical elements can help protect your dashboard.


Clean the Car Parts you Touch regularly

The parts of your car you regularly touch are the steering wheel, gearstick, buttons on your dash, your cup holders, center console touchscreen and buttons, and sun visor.

To clean these parts, use a cleanser, and a microfibre cloth for dashboard surfaces, and others when the dirt is obvious on these parts.

However, you can dust your car cup holder, steering wheel, gearstick, and others each time you’re driving out.

You should be careful cleaning the individual part mentioned since they’re made with different materials.

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For example, you should use a leather conditioner for a leather steering wheel, wood polish for a wooden material, or all-purpose cleaner on a plastic steering wheel. You should check the car manual if the need be.

This way, you can deep clean the parts mentioned and make them look new again.


Clean your Car Windows

Many car users apply to rub alcohol to their car windshield and wipe it with a soft cloth. For whatever material you use, the best cloth to clean your car windows is a microfiber towel.

First, you need to clean the windows with a dry cloth, then apply a streak-free glass cleaner to the microfiber cloth and rub it on the car window, then you can use a dry terry cloth to finish it.

To clean the inside car windows, use a microfibre cloth, apply some glass cleaning solution on it and use it to clean the window. It will also clean the film off the inside of your windshield.

For the best homemade products, you can use white vinegar, a mix of vodka, dish soap, and water and apply it on the car windshields to clean it like a pro.


Clean your Car Seats

The best car cleaning machine is a vacuum cleaner, it’s the common car upholstery cleaner used by the professionals at the car wash shop.

However, you can clean your car seats at home without a vacuum, but rather with laundry detergents or car seat cleaner spray.

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If your seats are made of cloth, use a mix of warm water, detergents, or washing up powder and apply on it, and let it stay for some minutes, then use a soft brush to remove the stains, and the dried-on specks of dirt.

When working on surfaces made of leather, you would need to clean them with a leather cleaner, after that, treat the leather with leather protection cream so it looks new.

After cleaning the car upholstery, allow it to dry before use. You can set the fan or open the doors to gain fresh air inside.


Clean your Car Floor Mats

Bring out your floor mats from your car, shake them thoroughly to remove dirt then use a vacuum cleaner to remove more dirt.

To deep clean your fabric floor mats, you can put them in a washer, add cleaning agents and wash them, then use a dryer.

However, most floor mats are made with plastic or rubber materials and you can not use a washing machine to clean such mats.

If you notice any stubborn dirt on either fabric or rubber mat, you can use a brush to remove it, before or after applying the cleaning agent.


Clean your Car Doors

Open your car doors so any dirt falls outside the car, and use a leather cleaner, vinyl cleaner, or microfibre cloth to clean the inside of the door and panels as fitted.